Mt cherry blossom venetia got wet!

  1. :crybaby:I got my cherry blossom venetia wet in the rain the other day and it has marked! I thought it would be fine as my berry and grass green are fine in the rain but this has some little marks. They are only tiny and not noticeable but why has this happened when it didn't happen to the others? Has anyone else had this happen? What can I put on it to stop it?
  2. Oh no! Have you tried using leather conditioner on it?
  3. no, what sort should I use?
  4. When I got a few drops of water on my MP I used Coach leather conditioner and you can hardly tell anything ever happened. Other people recommend Appleguard as well. I'm not sure if you can get either of those but if not I would just get a high quality leather conditioner and test it on a hidden area before applying it to the whole bag.

    On a side note while you're out you should look into purchasing a leather protectant (Appleguard or Wilsons are the two brands I know of) as well. It will help protect the bag in the future if you encounter any more random rain storms.
  5. I agree with Melly, definitely appleguarde your bag to protect it from the rain; use the spray. My favorite brand of cleaner and conditioner is Apple guarde, but I've used Cole Haan's before and it worked well too.