Msr. Louboutin...send me a dream...

  1. all of the above and the following;

    rodarte, Isunami, mad marta ostrich :girlsigh:
  2. Gosh.. I love the texture with the delicate heel combo on that shoe.
  3. Isunami, definitely. And something comfortable finally, even his flats leave me blisters for a week... :p
  4. I am soooo for this!!

    and I want a shoe...maybe a bianca in that pretty purpley skin on the new lady daf... It's divine!
  5. Ohh and the grey karung!! ahh!
  6. jaws!
  7. Bright pink exotic skin, the Marie-Antoinette, and pink strass...maybe on the Alti!
  8. Bridgets back! :cloud9:

    I would slap my mama for a pair! :love:

    The one that got away! :cry:
  9. Kryptonite!!
    Asteroid in leopard pony hair and black kid
    Bianca spikes
  10. Ohhhm Bianca spikes would be very interesting!
  11. They would!
    Please monsieur louboutin make electric blue suede rolandos in size 39.5...
  12. Good choices! :tup:
    I'd need that asteroid!
  13. Great thread Dessye! I'd love for the Lady Gres to come back (I don't care what color)! I'd also love for Msr. to bring back any shoe in glittart!
  14. This is an incredible drawing, H. LOVE!

    I would like Marron Glace HP or Amethyste Metal Patent HP...pretty please!!!!!!!!!
  15. Me, too. Any material, any color. I am there!