Msr. Louboutin at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills Feb.3!

  1. Hi ladies, I don't usually start new threads but I figured this was worthy of one:smile:

    I saw on the Neiman's facebook page that Msr. Louboutin will be at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills on February 3rd!!!! Don't know anymore details as far as what time and such.

    Since this is the day before my due date I am SOOOOO sad to say I will have to miss it, but hopefully some of you other SoCal ladies can make it!!!
  2. Wish I could go!!!
  3. If I'm in town maybe I'll go!! Thanks for posting!
  4. My friend sent me the FB pic! Shows you how well he knows me. I'm waiting on concrete details to be released, but I am very likely flying down from NorCal to attend.
  5. Me too! I've never met the man :cry:

  6. Pretty important stuff you have going on instead, Dezy!!
  7. Ooh now to find a friend to drive up with me!

    Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to hear her name!!! :smile:
  8. Oh man.. wish I could go!
  9. I am going! 100000% I am so excited!!!!
  10. ^^^So lucky!!! :p
  11. Aaaaah! Thanks for posting, A!

    Anyone know the time?
  12. anyone have more info?! TIA
  13. I know! I just wish I could get a pair of shoes signed, all my signed pairs have been sent to new homes:smile:

    anytime!! soon Nina, soon!

    No problem! If I hear any more details I will let you all know ASAP!
  14. awww wish I could go!
  15. Wellllllll, perhaps I can plan a trip and then I would be in the neighborhood for a certain little monkey's big day :graucho::kiss: