MSNBC Scoop - Britney's Hubby is a Big Spender


    By Jeannette Walls
    Updated: 2:51 a.m. ET Oct. 13, 2005
    Is Britney Spears’ hubby a big spender — with her money?

    The singer may have to return to work after the birth of her son sooner than expected because her cash flow has been in mostly one direction — out — and some are blaming Kevin Federline.

    His latest venture is a multimillion-dollar dance school he’s building with Michael Jackson’s father, Joe. But an insider tells Life & Style weekly that Spears’ ever-present mom, Lynne, may save the day. She has stepped in and is keeping a watchful eye on the couple’s checkbook.

    Says the source: “Lynne is not about to let Kevin squander all of Britney’s money.”


    I'm not surprised - he buys expensive motorcylcles and cars, and he doesn't even have a job to go to everyday. And has anyone seen this dude dance? I bet he does some wicked Vanilla Ice moves!

    And what brilliant mind decides to open a dance studio with the man who royally screwed up Michael Jackson? I hope they won't have any kiddie lessons at that place.
  2. That sucks...I hope Britney makes $$$ as fast as her hubby spends it. :biggrin:
  3. what do you expect from white trash that got his hands on the big bucks... ?
  4. ^^^:lol:
  5. So are we talking about Britney or Kevin?
  6. Ha! Knowing Vlad he meant both.

    Which I agree with...
  7. Yeah both... kinda. I am not sure how Brit had handled her finances since her fame and glory, but Kevin definitely proved my point.
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