MSNBC: Leasing luxury:Designer handbags for rent. TPF's Jasper is quoted!

  1. This may have already been posted but I read this last week and thought it was a good topic. I can remember someone commenting on renting bags but it was pretty much shot down here.

    Anyways...Jasper is quoted! and she mentions.... Louis Vuitton!

    Loved the article....what are your thoughts?

    Leasing luxury: Handbags for rent - Style -
  2. Good article but am I the only one who doesn't get WHY people would rent a handbag?:shrugs:
  3. I don't either. . . and I keep wondering who Jasper is{?}
  4. I don't get it either :s for me owning it is the biggest thrill, not using it
  5. Same here:yes:
  6. ditto^^^
  7. I've never rented....doesn't it cost around £80 a month?
    I'd rather save that much for a few months and buy my own!
  8. :yes: You're not alone here.
  9. I never understood the whole bag renting thing either.

    I did a search of the username Jasper and turned up nothing. I wonder if the OP meant Japster?

  10. Sorry....Japster
  11. Japster wasn't quoted, unless it was the "Netflix of Handbags" quote... which I am not sure was posted here.

    I guess BBoS must be doing pretty well and have quite the following, considering that they got a VC of $8+ million not too long ago.

    Personally, I don't think that our forum members are a good crowd for their business model, judging by the responses.

  12. Sorry about that! UGH! Can you edit my post then? I don't want to say she was quoted in somethings she's not. I can't believe I made such a major mistake!

    Sorry Jaspter!
  13. Yeah I honestly don't understand why anyone would want to rent a purse ? :/
    Why would you want to use a purse for a bit and fall in love with it and then return it?
    I guess the person might just love the purse so much that they want to test it out and see it?
  14. I just don't ger renting bags at all. Nope. Just spend $200 on a fabulous bag from Nordstrom's Rack Room or Off 5th Avenue and get a fabulous bag of your very own to keep and use. :P
  15. I have never considered renting a bag, but in thinking about it, it might be a good way to see if I truly love a bag before buying. Sometimes I can be very fickle, so it might be a good idea to "test drive" and if I love it, send the rental back and buy a brand new one!