MSN Money- Coach article

  1. Not that anyone cares :p, but I did receive one of their online surveys a few weeks ago. I'm glad to see that they actually LISTEN to their customers!
  2. I was going to ask if anybody had been surveyed. What kind of questions did they ask?
  3. This is great news! Thanks for posting the article.
  4. Thanks for the article. I didn't receive a survey but would fill one out if they sent me one.
  5. Love this article. Thanks for posting it!

    It's nice to know there are still companies that ask their customers what they want and then deliver!
  6. Thanks, very interesting reads.....I also wonder what kinds of questions they ask. I always dreamed what it would be like to design a handbag. Oooooh using all my favorite colors and textures, fun fun fun!:yahoo:
  7. I think we should all buy Coach stock so we can profit from our addiction :p
  8. Thank you for that =)
  9. It asked personal questions (ex. annual income, gender, occupation, etc.) but it also asked question about where you purchased your Coach items, how often from each supply chain (ex. from a retailer like Macys, the boutique, or the 1-800 #, etc.). It also asked questions about how you viewed Coach products and its image of the products and the company. Then there was also a comment section where you could submit additional information or suggestions.

    There was also a contest - something along the lines of the first 200 people to submit the survey would receive a prize (I forgot what it was). As you can see, I didn't win the prize.:p
  10. I agree! Maybe it will help me earn some money for future purchases!:yahoo:
  11. i took an online survey for them was about 2 months ago though. it asked things like which store did i go to more often, why i went to that store more often, did i perfer going to the regular stores or the outlets, when did i make my first coach purchase, how much do i spend on other designer bags, when did i plan on making a new purchase, if i had bought anything from coach recently, what other places do i buy coach products at...etc.
  12. their link won't work for me, can someone copy/paste?
  13. Wait nm It loaded. Awesome!
  14. I own Coach stock already and it's been my best performer since I purchased it - about 9 months ago.