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  1. So I feel lonely home alone! let's chat:

    what's your most expesive and cheapest Lv item?

    Don't post if you think talking about prices is too personal!
  2. Cheapest: Snap Button Belt (for my Florentine Pochette): $185
    Expensive: Le Tal: $2,490
  3. Cheapest: Damier Cles and Damier 4-key holder $150 (Before price increase)

    Most Expensive: Damier Belem PM $1070 (Before price increase)
  4. Monogram cles - $140
    Red Epi Pont Neuf $1330
  5. Cheapest: Cerises Cles [$158]
    Expensive: Abbesses Messenger [$1,058, I think?]
  6. Most expensive: Fuchsia baggy pm: $1290 CAD

    Lest expensive: Cerises cles...I got it from ebay at less than retail....don't remember the exact price.
  7. Cheapest--small ring vernis frambroise agenda & refills $300-something (can't remember how much refill was!!)
    Priciest--black epie speedy 30 $960
  8. Cheapest was my Porte Carte Simple for $130.00 and my Most Expensive so far is $2,350.00 for my Watch
  9. Most expensive: MC Speedy..BUT I paid less than retail from what I actually paid would be my Lodge PM $1200

    Cheapest: My panda cles $114.00 from ebay as well.
  10. Cheapest: MC Bandeau $110

    Most expensive: MC Speedy $1910 (wasn't that much last year), but if you want to consider this, Le Talentueux I had for about 3 weeks but returned it $2490!

  11. Edit:

    Least Expensive: VIP Travel Kit: FREE
    Most Expensive: Le Tal: $2,490
  12. Least Expensive: Business Card Holder $185
    Most Expensive: Manhattan GM $1910