story: The "essential" indulgences + video clip on renting handbags

  1. This article is an especially interesting, given the recent forum threads on spending:

    On page 2 there is a link to a video of a woman who rents bags "From Rags to Riches." I know we have discussed "Bag, Borrow or Steal" on this forum, but I hadn't heard of this company. The borrower makes some interesting points, and with the economy in its current state, I wonder if these bag rental places will start to get even more business?
  2. My problem with BB or S was that I was afraid to use the bag I rented from them! There just isn't the same satisfation, for me, with renting vs owning. The whole thing made me anxious.

    Bag Borrow or Steal does have a great oulet, however.
  3. I don't really understand why renting a bag is a good deal. If you check the price of renting one, it's not cheap. Like $100/week or something. Renting a month or two is the same money of buying one. Why rent?
  4. ^Yeah exactly. I think bag rental is for those who either really are not into bags and just need one for a specific occasion, or for those who want to appear fashionable/wealthy for a specific occasion. I personally would not go for that. It's not like it's cheap either.
  5. If renting was like renting a movie ($5 a week or something) I MIGHT reconsider renting, but I would feel uncomfortable using the bag. I live with my bag(s); we go to the movies, school, parties, clubs, ect. togeather - I would feel TOTALLY uncomfortable carrying someone elses bag, worrying about damages, insurance, ect.
    I guess it may be a good idea if you felt like you needed to meet "status" for something, but at the same time I feel like renting is like buying a fake - you either have it or you don't.
    There are PLENTLY of more affordable bags out on the market right now;;; for two months rent you could get a new, good bag for keeps.
  6. Perhaps people will rent bags more, or perhaps they will just buy fewer bags (in which case, the price of bags will fall, making them more accessible again) and/or buy heavily discounted and/or buy secondhand and/or make do with the bags they already have for longer.

    Renting jewellery I totally understand, because, as long as one is relatively careful, it is relatively hard to damage a well-made piece of jewellery irreparably. But it is sooo easy to wreck a bag - especially if one has hired it for a special occasion where food and/or alchohol may be involved... :s

    Even if one is very careful, one can more-or-less guarantee that other people at the event won't be, unfortunately.

    A jewelled minaudiere would fall into the same category as jewellery, but not a leather bag, IMO.

    In addition, I have heard horror stories about people receiving dirty, smelly, bags and I also don't like the idea of being locked into having to hire, all the time, whether I want/need to, or not; as many of these schemes insist on members doing.

    Also, perhaps renting is a good idea for people who like a lot of different bags, or who can't, or don't want to, make up their minds. But for anyone like me, it's not ideal, because, in my own little way, I'm really fussy. :shame:

    I only like about one bag in 100 enough to want to carry it and normally they aren't 'it' bags, so it's highly unlikely that one of these companies would carry more than one bag I wanted (if that!), at any one time and if they did have one, I'd just end up wanting to keep it; so I might as well have bought it in the first place.

    Finally, it's a hassle having to receive and send back bags, all the time.

    So no, on the whole, bag hire is not for me. :nogood: