~*msjenn's Mixed Bag Collection *~

  1. Hey ladies,
    after looking at everyone's beautiful collections, i decided to post my babies up too.
    this is my small yet beloved collection of bags. i am looking for white and red bags next. any suggestions ladies??

    pic 1- purse family
    pic 2- chanel bubble quilt bowler in dark beige and large cambon tote
    pic 3- chloe paddington in creme and chloe mini square paddington in muscade
    pic 4- gucci horsebit hobo, gucci belt bag. gucci mid heel slides

    not individually pictured are Fendi Spy in Denim and Marc Jacobs Stam in Mouse
    purse family.JPG chanel.JPG chloe.JPG gucci.JPG
  2. Beautiful collection...love the Gucci!
  3. nice gucci heels:smile:
  4. thanks for sharing :smile:. i like the chloe paddington in creme :heart:.

    for red i was going to suggest paddy but since u have one paddy already so probably not :p. the chloe bay bag (non-quilt) is really nice too!

    for white i like LV epi jasmin in ivoiry :smile:.
  5. LOVE the Chanel Bowler!
  6. nice collection. love chloe
  7. I'm loving the Spy since it's a bit of a color departure for you (oh, and also since it's a Spy)!
  8. hehe, me too! :p I like your new Chanel, too!
  9. here is my newest edition, the Gucci limited edition small positano, if you look closely, you will notice that the brown trim is a little metallic, its really pretty irl.
    IMG_3473.JPG IMG_3474.JPG
  10. lovely collection!

    id suggest a red classic 2.55 chanel..they r so amazing..
  11. Gorgeous Chanels and the Spy is TDF!
  12. I love the chanel bowler! fab collection! For color, I say balenciaga. you cannot beat the color choices and they make fabulous reds..
  13. Love the Chanel's.:love:
  14. Love the Chanels!
  15. i really like your cambon!