MsJenna's small handbag collection.

  1. I'm too lazy to name off all of them by name, and I'm too tired to remember...but I'll try.

    *Louis Vuitton speedy 40
    *Louis Vuitton alma
    *Louis Vuitton vintage piece of crap
    *Balenciaga city classique
    *Louis Vuitton pochette
    *Gucci waist bag
    *Burberry pochette
    *NEW Gucci handbag. I can't remember the name of was $985 CDN and is from the cruise line. My boyfriend bought it for me for easter:smile:
    *Marc By Marc Jacobs bag
    *Dior saddle bag? No idea what it's called. I hate it.
    *Louis Vuitton makeup case, which my boyfriend also bought occasion.

    Yeah. Well. I'm working on it. I think I could have made wiser purchases. For example a black classic chanel insted of a white balenciaga, but I guess I like all of them.

    My boyfriend is probably going to get me a classic Chanel handbag in the next few weeks, so I'm super excited about that :smile:

    If someone could size the picture for me...I don't know how and it says the picture is too big to upload. Thanks!
  2. Nice!
  3. Very nice collection- I think your burberry and dior are cute ( I have them both)
  4. Lovely! :wtf:
  5. Yay. I finally got replies. I've only been collection for three years. I'm hoping to get a Chanel or two in the next few weeks! I'll be sure to post pics. SOrry for the crappy pic!
  6. Great collection! If you don't like the Dior you should sell it. I love your balenciaga
  7. i love your white balenciaga, it's beautiful!
  8. nice collection!!! Thanks 4 sharing!!
  9. Love the Speedy and Dior saddlebag!
  10. nice family shot! i love your b bag too
  11. I have to agree with others--the white bbag is my favorite! Nice collection!
  12. Really nice! :yes:
  13. Nice collection! esp like ur Bbag.
  14. I used my Bal so much that it's falling apart. It's really sad.
    On Thursday or Friday I shall be adding a chanel PST to my collection!

    I also got my paws on a vintage Gucci! 12 bags by the age of 18.
    Not bad.
  15. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!