MsB's shopping excursion.

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. The view from where I am sitting right this


  2. Valley Fair! :nuts: So they have wireless access there? I never knew that!
  3. You're too cute!! What'cha got in the bag?
  4. That is so cool, what did you get?
  5. No wireless, I have cingular wireless wwan ;) Totally OT, but it rocks! I can work from outside of LV.

    Going to finish my lunch (yummy crepe...perfect for the french mood, non?) and head home.....I will post pics soon :yahoo:
  6. You're an LV tease! That LV looks really nice, it's in the San Jose area right? I should have went there instead of the one at Union Sq in SF. The SAs there aren't very nice.
  7. Great choice! You will love your Epi!
  8. Ohhh ... :censor: the crepe, I wanna see what's in the bag!!!!!
  9. ^ LMAO. I agree!!
  10. Ohhhh you lucky girl! I wanna see!
  11. Heehee, this is exciting! I wish my phone could do that. :smile:
  12. i want to see too!!!
  13. well so much for being 'good'
  14. I'm taking a wild guess...

    You got shoes [the White Charms ones] and a brown Antigua Pochette Plate GM? :shrugs:
  15. ^ I was going to guess the charm shoes in white.
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