Ms. Violet Twiggy is here - I love her! Definitely purple!

  1. She just arrived! I can't believe how gorgeous this color is IRL! Much darker than eggplant, a true purple. Violet will make a great neutral bag! My pics were taken outside in shade.

    Here she is! :heart:

    w/o flash:

    with flash:

    original pic from BalNY:

    I believe the pic from BalNY captures the color best. Violet really changes color in different light - the bag is not as bright as it appears in my pics. BalNY captured it best.
  2. wow it is super pretty. love it. i think i may need a twiggy in my collection soon!
  3. Stunning!!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  4. Congrats!!!!!! She's beautiful. How is the leather? Is it as thick and smooshy as others have mentioned about A/W 07 leather?
  5. Congrats:yahoo: I think the Violet in RH looks very cute in the Twiggy or First. :tup:Great choice.:tup: Enjoy her.:heart:
  6. Oh wow she is stunning!!! Congrats! The more i see of violet the more and more i love it!
  7. Thanks! The leather is great! Thick and smooshy, and the smell! I will never tire of the yummy new bbag leather smell!
  8. can we get a modeling pic?
  9. She's gorgeous! Congrats! Love violet in all its forms! Love to see it on you!
  10. It takes my breath away. Beautiful!
  11. That is just gorgeous! Congrats and thanks for the pics!
  12. It's fabulous! I love violet in the Twiggy style - great choice!
  13. Congratulations! Violet is so pretty in the Twiggy style.

  14. Ohhh's so pretty!!!!
  15. Your twiggy is gorgeous!!! I love the Violet with RH and the leather on your bag is delish! Congrats!!!