Ms. Sunshine!!!

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  1. SOOO Pretty!!!!
  2. Close up


    Here's my DD, she's also wearing my Gucci tortoise shell sunnies



    Ready for a much needed getaway!

    Thanks for letting me share :cutesy:
  3. it's absolutely fab!!! :yahoo:
  4. Very nice. Love the color. Congrats!

  5. wohoooooo! she's purrrrrrrfect!
    Amanpulo here we come:nuts:
  6. I love that!!!! Enjoy it!
  7. What a beautiful bag!!! congratulations on a lovely purchase for summer and spring (and winter, come on... :P)

    The photo with your DD is precious! I'm sure she's already planning how to get you to lend her the bag... (or maybe I'm just thinking back to my sneakiness at that age?)

    Fun in the :sunshine: !
  8. Thank you so much for all the kind words :flowers"

    ^^^Ahaha... DD has her own bags, the mini flap is on loan until she's old enough to use it =) hehe.

    I took it out for a spin and love it, so lightweight it made me cry..LOL I :heart: this tote!!!
  9. Ooh I love it! Such a cheery colour - Congrats!!!
  10. just had to come back for a little more sunshine!!!!:biggrin:
    Love it!!!
  11. YAY I'm so glad you :heart: it... seeing the yellow over and over is making me want a yellow for my next Goyard even more (I've loved this color for quite some time).

    clearly, I need some sunshine in my life :amuse: hehe.
  12. I LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! :love:
  13. i have a yellow one too, i think yellow is the best color =)
  14. #29 Mar 22, 2010
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2010
    ^^^ thanks so much everyone!

    I'm thinking about orange or red next. LOL.:P
  15. I :heart: this color!
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