Ms Galliera's day out at the grocerie....

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  1. It's galliera's first day out today... brought her w/ me at the grocerie for a "test run" LOL! Im so glad it sits pretty well on the shoulder... pls excuse my burberry scarf... had to bring her for protection (you know what I mean-vachetta) I must agree its a total head turner for a hobo bag... don't you wish they had this in damier??? another funny thing was that there was this girl who kept looking at my purse whispering something to her friend and I overheard them talking-SEE! I told you! I should have gotten that! oh she had a montorgueil by the way... another lady said oh my can what a HUGE fancy purse;) anyway enough for all the comments.. She's definitely a KEEPER! although I had second thoughts keeping her because I thought she was big for everyday use but ITS SO COMFY! i tel u! I can easily get my wallet, cellphone,sunnies while its hanging on my shoulder.. So all you galliera owners share you experience about taking this darling out!:graucho:

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  2. It looks great on you! Want one now!
  3. BEAUTIFUL BAG! Looks great on you!
  4. :drool:
  5. Love the bag and you carry it soo well! Looks chic and comfie! You know it's a good sign when you get compliments. ;D

    Im going to have to make a trip to LV to see that bag soon! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Very nice!
  7. You look good with it. COngrats.
  8. it's soooooooo pretty
    and very eye-catching for a mono bag the philip stein watch as well!!!
  9. Is that the pm or the gm?
  10. ^ same question. it's gorgeous!
  11. :tup:its the pm ladies... glad you like it, Im a mom on the go that's why I dress very casual..
  12. It's gorgeous!!!!! It's a show-stopper Mono bag!
    I dont think it's big for everyday use..very versatile!
  13. Looks Great on you!

    I have the PM too. Ws excited when first got it.
    Later, got abit skeptical bout keepin it since quite a number of ppl where im frm doesnt find Galliera a nice bag. They tink it's huge & it's nt really nice lookin IRL. Bt aft readin & lookin at your post....I dun cae wat other said....i love it & im goin to keep it. Goin to bring her out to work tis Excited!:yahoo:

  14. THANKS boho chic! yeah she's definitely a keeper right? don't care about others say.. Oh did I mention that it actually snugs and forms to your body... she's so soft, I honestly like her better than my Montorgueil :smile:
  15. Great bag .... How comfortable is it to wear on your arm??? Am trying to decide whether to get one? Thanks, Flossie