Ms. Edie Is Home! (UPDATED PHOTOS)

  1. Thanks Firstly to Roey for directing me to I followed your directions and it was the easiest process to downsize my photofile sizes to fit. So Thanks a Bunch.:flowers:

    Here are the remaining pics I had, and me, being technically challenged, couldn't figure out how to edit my original thread, so I had to start another one. I know the pic quality is not the best due to it being a camera phone but tried to get different angles and lighting.

    Again, Thanks to all PFers for kind words. I love the color and bag too!:shame:
    newpic1.jpg newpic2.jpg newpic3.jpg newpic4.jpg
  2. Fantastic photos. She looks great on you! I feel like Edith is a bag that will last for years and years.
    She was really an investment bag for me as I know that her style is timeless. :heart:
  3. Gorgeous again - Edith really suits your style! And your living room is very pretty too! :biggrin:
  4. Love both of your bags, but I REALLY love your cabinet with all the figurines in it! It is lovely! And you will carry that Edith forever! The more stuff I cram into mine, the better she looks!
  5. Gosh, you all are so sweet.:shame: Thanks for the compliments. I plan on breaking in my Edith this weekend. But question, the leather tabs on the end of the zipper on either side--are those supposed to stay there?? I tend to stuff my purses and I can't see those staying in place for long before they fall off just from carrying and zipping and unzipping the bag?
  6. Yes, those tabs are supposed to stay there .... I was worried about that design feature too when I first saw Edith - does seem a little flimsy. No problems so far but I really baby my bags. But if you're used to a totally open top it can be a bit disconcerting. Good luck!
  7. Lovely photos, bag and home, and Edith looks great on you! I haven't had a problem with the leather tabs either, although I never zip up my bags, always leave them open and vulnerable... eep, not smart!!
  8. Thanks for the feedback.:flowers:
  9. Beautiful bag Chloes Holliwood...Love your Llado collection as well. That choco Edith looks great on you. Enjoy!!!:yes:
  10. Thanks Ginger for taking a look. I think I am going to enjoy carrying the Edith too.:smile:
  11. It looks great on you!!! I LOVE it!!!!!
  12. Beautiful color. :yes:
  13. You wear it well! Looks great on you:smile:
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