Ms. Edie Is Home!! (pics)

  1. I hope you all like. I love Ms. Edie. She's Choco Edith that arrived today and full of scrumples from NM. She will go well with my wardrobe and have lovely contrasting stitching. Didn't find anything wrong with her and didn't seem as though it was a return as far as I could tell. Could use some wearing down to break it in and should have a problem doing that. Hopefully I can post more late, but having problems posting pics. And have to return to work. So I will try editing later to add more. Hope a few made it on.
    949425926_ORIG.jpg 949427463_ORIG.jpg
  2. Congrats, Holliwood!
  3. Lucky girl, very pretty! So soft looking.
  4. Oh, she's lovely! But don't let her get a darker tan by the pool! :lol: The leather looks as thought the scrumples won't fall out. My choco is heavily pebbled and less scrumpled than my chamois, which is smoother (but still textured) leather which holds the scrumples really well.

    Congrats and I'm so happy to hear (and see) you got a great one!
  5. In about an hr I will be home to find out why my other pics didn't work. I had about 5 more pics to show different lighting because I am using a phone camera (that's all I have at this time). So I hope to attach those as well. But I am very happy with it and do so love the color. Thanks All.
  6. Holliwood you got an absolutely beautiful, perfectly balanced and scrumpled Edith - you should be so proud! I hope you enjoy her as much as your paddy!
  7. Yay! Soooo pretty! Congrats!
  8. Edie is gorgeous! That color is just amazing!
  9. Oh that is gorgeous! I would love to get a choco edith just like that. Congrats!
  10. :noworry: I can't seem to get anymore of my pics to upload correctly. It says they are too large in size even though they are jpeg files and I don't know how to shrink them down. So those two will have to do. Sorry fellow PFers. But thanks for the kind words from what you can see, even though it's not much.
  11. Congrats to you! Great color!
  12. Yea! Congrats Holliwood! What a beautiful Chocolate Edith! I'm so happy that you were able to track such a beautiful one down!
  13. Congrats on your new Edith! Love the color!
  14. Love your Edith!! I really love it in this color.
  15. There are websites that allow you to upload pics and resize. is the one I use on a regular basis. It's really easy. I select the 540 x720 option in the top row as a resize preference. Once the pic uploads, you right click on it and do a save as to your hard drive. I usually just overwrite the larger photo with the same name as the smaller one.