Ms. Ardoise goes on safari

  1. The timing was perfect--new Garden Parties in leather, in great new colors, and a "hole" in the safari wardrobe just waiting to be filled....
  2. Lovely!
  3. Gorgy, mizzle!
  4. Lovely and great picture too!!
  5. Nice photo!
  6. Great bag mizzle! Congrats & Enjoy~~
  7. mizzle, I would love one of these myself! Good choice!

  8. Pepper, Ninja Sue, Sus, Asa, Penny & MrsS, thanks for your kind comments. I highly recommend both the style and color.

    The Garden Party is a perfect knock-around travel bag. This is the PM, 35 cm size; it holds a ton and looks good doing it! I expected to get a gold or black one, but after seeing all 3 colors next to each other, I was surprised to pick ardoise, which was described by my SA as a bluish gray. The color is very rich and goes well with almost everything, especially jeans and black. To my eye, the bag looks right at home in the jeep and on the safari plane, but maybe I'm just biased. Of course, I did stress about dust and fumes getting on the white stitching, but everything came through just fine.
    P8020464_2.jpg P8020452.jpg
  9. mizzle, congrats. :smile: The Garden Party is very casual and subtle. I love the color you chose, very nice. :smile:
  10. Very nice!
  11. Keep it away from the elephants now!!!
  12. HG, funny you should mention that. Did you know that elephants are very protective of their young? They will come after anyone they think is a threat. I was a bit afraid they might mistake Ms. Ardoise for a relative.
  13. ^^I only mention it because Vogue had printed that some lady had her Kelly squashed by an elephant while on safari and Claude was able to repair it. Oddly enough, we questioned him about and he laughed and chalked it up to urban legend. I still can't tell when that man's pulling my leg, though.:confused1:
  14. What a cool photo Mizzle and LOVE those elephants.
  15. Claude was mentioned in Vogue? He's rather a legend himself! I did get to speak with him briefly when I was visiting NY earlier this summer and he did not disappoint--very charismatic with a wry sense of humor.

    That story about the elephant sitting on the bag is scary. Of all the animals we saw, the elephants seemed the most unpredictable. Lucky the elephant stopped at the bag and didn't move on to the owner!

    I got a sense of how many of the Hermes designs are related to Africa--the cadenas, scarves and "skins!" It makes sense--both Africa and Hermes are incredibly romantic and dramatic.

    Those are hippos in the second photo. They are mostly underwater.
    P1010136.jpg P8020438.jpg P1010203.jpg