MrsMammaGoose's Rainbow


Feb 13, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Wow... turns out my husband is right--I *do* have more bags than I could possibly need! :P

Here's my little collection, each piece of which I love dearly.

First, my Kate Spade London totes with their respective leatherprince charms.

Next, my Kate Spade Tarrytown totes. Note the embellishments on the red one--this was my first Kate Spade, and while I find it extremely practical and of great quality, and love the color, it just was a bit too plain for my taste. So, I added a few sequin appliques.

Then, we have my two patent bags. The red one is by Luce, and the blue one is a Roberta Gandolfi.

A couple of random purchases: Black Calvin Klein hobo (the leather on this is amazing!), and a lilac Bebe clutch.

And last but not least, my haul from the recent Kenneth Cole online sale:

Ok, I think I'm done for a while... Thanks for checking out my little collection! :flowers:
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