Mrs. Field's Cookies

  1. Are they good? Is it s good idea to give a tin of them as a thank you gift?
  2. Sadly, I hardly ever eat them as I try to limit my sweet tooth. They really are delicious. I think they would make a lovely, thoughtful thank-you gift and would be much appreciated. In fact, I wish I had thought of this idea before.
  3. they are delicious!

    i'd love to get the little "bites", there's a great variety, in rainbow chocolates, chocolate, white chocolate and oatmeal raisin.

    =9 i'd eat it more but like leelee i try to limit my sweet it's fattening.

    but yummy and thoughtful!
  4. Yeah they're really good! And would make a great thank you gift as well :smile: Good idea!
  5. They're not very good! But it's a nice thought.
  6. The dont taste as good as the real Mrs. Fields Cookies from the mall.
  7. Yep.

    I do have a recipe that comes pretty close tho....let me know if you want it.

  8. Can't you go to the mall and get a tin from there? :shrugs:

    They're friggin delicious! All of them! Just thinking about them makes me :drool:
  9. They are ok.
  10. they are ok as well but Cheryl and Co have the best cookies and they also have free shipping on some items.
    When you order, you can order something for yourself as well :smile:
    Their cut out cookies frosted are so good it makes me want to live in Ohio.
    2 Frosted Cut-out Tins at Cheryl&Co.
  11. I like them....but if you're giving it to someone who is health conscientious.. you might have to rethink... MRS. FIELDS cookies are on the TOP 10 list of "10 Foods You should NEVER eat" list...Number 5 of the NO NO list.

    other than that...

    I think its a cute gift idea :p