Mrs Becks Mills Around Madrid

  1. Victoria Beckham rocked a shapeless off-the-shoulder Stella McCartney grey dress and a black pair of pointed Christian Louboutin ankle boots as she checked out the latest fashion houses in Madrid yesterday. Mrs. Becks topped off her outfit with an oversized sparkly black belt and sported her latest accessory — a Moto SLVR cell phone covered in red Swarowski crystals. !
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. she looks great ! :yes:
  3. I'm really liking those ankle boots!
  4. Sorry, that dress is hideous and does not go with those boots at all :yucky: JMHO
  5. This outfit is not working for me, nor the booties.
  6. To me the outfit is'nt really daywear. But what do I know?
  7. not feeling the outfit, but i like the cell phone
  8. Hey!we've seen worse from her!!!this looks OK!:angel:
  9. Notice celebs always cary their cell phone in their hands? In most random like Paparazi pictures they are always carrying their phones... Why?
  10. wow wow wow
  11. i loooooooove this woman :heart:
  12. i love her so much but i don't like her dress sorry!!!!
  13. she looks gorgeous....she is so british....I love it.
  14. she is the ultimate style queen who, i think, is ALWAYS misjudged... Having read many interviews, I feel that she's actually a really nice person, and she always look so gorgeously polished and glossy!! how i wish i was david. :nuts:
  15. ^^ yeah i think too she's the queen of style!