Mrs Beckham & her ostrich Hermès!

  1. Look at the bag.... not her boobs/nipples! LOL

  2. :love: :love: :love: not crazy about her stripper nipples but otherwise VB is the modern day queen of chic. :king: LOVE her!!
  3. bag is yummy!

    nipples are... um... too obvious to be ignored! :rolleyes:
  4. didn't know she was a kabala me crazy but, I :heart: little kids in tims...i think it's adorable! :love:
  5. Kinda hard not to look at her body when it's pokin ya in da eye LOL! Kid looks just like her
  6. I love VB! And the kid is just way too adorable!!
  7. Do you think she has something surgically done to make her nipples stand out like that all the time.......oh yes and the bag (nearly missed it while being poked in the eye) is divine.
  8. love the bag, but not the rock-hard nipples and her complexion doesn't look so hott either. but i still love her lots!
  9. That's an old pic and the son she's holding is Romeo if I'm not wrong. She only owns 2 ostrich, fuschia ostrich birkin & this one. SHe's been wearing lots of Hermes lately. Me too, hahaha!!
  10. Intelligent girl!!! Yeah......she only owns 2 Hermes ostrich as mentioned by you. I love looking at her son but her nipples, she can do something better. Wear a bra, Vic. :smile:
  11. i ask myself what's wrong with wearing a bra?!?!
    the bag is gorgeous:love:
    and her son is so sweet:love::love:
  12. the bag is TDF but the nipple thing is just wrong.
  13. What Hermes bags do you have dior24?

    Victoria's bags are gorgeous. If any of you want to see more of her with her Hermes bags check out the Hermes forum. There are even more pics of her, including one with her fuschia birkin.
  14. [​IMG]

    Here it is. I found it. Isn't the bag GORGEOUS?!!!!!
  15. What nipples? What bag? I can't take my eyes off that RING!! fabulous