MRI Scan This Friday-What to expect?

  1. Well as some of you know I got a herniated disc 6 weeks ago and sciatica to go along with it and basically whilst the excruciating pain has gone I still have problems.

    I keep getting very random attacks of sciatic pain down my leg and if I go for a walk or any thing I feel like I have a million bugs trying to pop out of my legs!

    No driving for the last 6 weeks so I am a house bound English gal with no company all day except my 3 year old who with this problem is hard to cope with.

    Any way I had x-rays 2 weeks back and now have to have a MRI this week followed by a nerve test the next Friday and am really quite nervous.

    Any one ever had these done? if so am I worrying about nothing?
  2. Never had one. But I hope you get well soon.
  3. I had a ruptured disc when I was about pain! I'm so sorry you've had to go through that! The MRI is fine, if it's a closed-in one you just have to keep your head about you (and try not get claustrophobic) as it's a tight squeeze. But IIRC, it's a very short process. And just remember it's the best way for them to tell what's going on and better yet-- how to fix it!

    I hope everything goes well! :flowers:
  4. Thank you for the well wishes!!!
  5. Hope everything goes well. My grandma has sciatica and has MRI scans. She just says they're annoying because you have to keep still. She doesn't drink or eat anything beforehand though. :smile:
  6. OMG ! Oh I know EXACTLY what your going through, Im only 19 and I have so many problems with this. Heres my story

    Last year in Jan I started going numb in my left arm and horrible pain in my neck. I went to several drs and emergency rooms and they just told me it was tendonitis and swollen lymph nodes, well finally I got an ER dr finally do an MRI on me and found out i had a completely ruptured disk in my neck with a syrinx(like a cyst in my spine). and I would need surgery pretty soon. So I go see my neurosurgeon and Im completely scared and I have surgery the next week. The surgery hurt when I woke up and it litterally felt like I had been ran over by a big truck on my shoulders.

    I still have the syrinx and they think I was actually born with it. I have SEVERAL other herniated disks that I just live with cause they are not ruptured.

    For your questions,
    MRI is not bad and it is very noisy so make sure you stick those ear plugs in your ear pretty good. Hopefully they will give you earmuffs too.

    The nerve test, I have had that done too. I have had the nerve conduction test and it REALLY is not bad at allllllllllll. Its just like little shocks of electricity that make the part of the body that they put the device on jump. It doesnt make your whole body jump. Its not bad.
    Now right after this test in the same sitting I had an EMG done and they stick these little needles in alllllllllll over your body and they wiggle them around your nerves to see if you have any nerve problems and Im not gonna lie, that did hurt but it is something that you can live through.

    You can get through this. I thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdown when I found out about all this , but I didnt! I got through it. It was a rough time for me physically and mentally. But you will come through. I was at work 2 weeks after my surgery. If you have any questions please let me know. I really want to be of any help to you that I can be.
  7. the tests aren't bad. I've had several MRI's. they don't last too long; staying still is the hardest part. Fresh air flows thru if your head isn't outside the machine. If you get claustrophobic, I think they can give you a little something to relax you. It is noisy--not constant, but periodically. I've had nerve tests but maybe not the one you're having. Good luck!! sorry you're having these problems.
  8. hey

    Sam+Coach's account of the nerve test was very simliar to mine. i didn't mind the current but i minded the part where they would poke a needle at certain spots to see if you could feel it. Argh!

    MRI well, like others have said, if you are claustrophobic, ask for an open MRI. they may have it. that way you don't have to be stuck in there. it gets a little unpleasant after awhile. i tried to close my eyes and sleep but there was too much noise. it makes this whirrrrling noise. and they gave me headphones but the noise interferred with the headphones so i gave it back to them. again, ask for an open MRI machine if it's possible for your case.

    good luck! Stay calm!
  9. I have had 4 MRI's, a discogram, an EMG, a CT scan, 10 rounds in the hospital of various steroid injections, 2 surgeries, and a spinal cord stimluator implanted in my back and I can tell you in all seriousness that the MRI is the least big deal.

    You don't feel a thing, most places give you headphones so you just listen to music and lay still for about 45 mins, most of the machines are open at both ends now, so it's not really claustrophobic. please don't worry, it will be fine

    I have back problems as well (two herniated discs L4-5 and L5-S1 as well as nerve problems in my right leg), had surgery, and now have nerve damage and massive amts of scar tissue. I can't walk without a leg brace and a cane, can't feel my right foot, have horrible nerve pain in my right leg, numbness and pain in my low back, and I haven't been able to work since the first surgery in jan 06. I was supposed to be out of work for 6 weeks.

    DO NOT do a stand up MRI or the open MRI's where you are sitting, they do not show nearly as much for back issues, for any other problems they're fine, but I've had several drs say that they don't show back problems as well as when you're laying down in a traditional mri
  10. oh, if the nerve test is a EMG, it hurts, I'm not going to lie to you, but it can tell the doctor a lot. it's not excrutiating pain (the discogram is EXCRUTIATING!), but it's a few quick jolts of pain that just last a second or so, then its fine
  11. Expect to lie still in a long round tube with ear plugs in your ears because of the loud noise it makes as it x-rays your body. Some doctors will prescribe something like Valium or Xanex to calm you down if you have issues with closed in spaces.
    These things usally last about 20 minutes and all you have to do is lie there. It won't hurt and you'll be ok.
  12. Thanks for all your responses, I feel a little silly espeially after reading what some of you are going/have gone through.

    Its the MRI this week followed by the EMG the next week so guess the second one will be worse.
  13. I should say the EMG hurts if you actually have nerve damage, otherwise it just feels like pins and needles.
  14. ive had the head MRI and its ok, just very loud and was a pain inthe bum when the contrast was administered because my vein kept rolling so i got poked sooo many times.