MRI Scan cancelled!!!

  1. So after many helpfull posts about what I could expect this morning at my MRI it was cancelled.

    Not by the centre doing it but by my DH.

    The reason- his company are a bunch of complete beep holes.

    I have been in pain 7 weeks I have 4 kids, no friends, family or any thing here ( I am English not been here long).

    Over the last 7 weeks they have advertised his job because he worked from home 2 days in order to take me to docs etc and basically made him choose between my health and his job.

    We are here on a 3 year visa, I have given my job up to support DH so he could work here in the USA.

    I feel tearful all the time, need help as I cant manage to keep house and I have not been able to drive for 7 weeks so am house bound.

    His old company in the Uk would of sent me flowers not been like this.

    Oh and another member of staff worked from home 2 days this week as his brother was visiting!!!

    I hate it here and cant wait to go home, are there any other gals on here in the same kind of boat?

    Sorry rant over.....
  2. hey so sorry to hear that =( that's not good.

    are you waiting for your driver's license? is that why you can't drive?

    you know sometimes companies are a pain and i don't know what to say about that. i guess it's work you know?

    is there any service you can pay for to take you and from the hospital so you can get your MRI and figure out the source of your pain? is there a taxi company you can call to do that so you don't have to rely on your DH and he won't have to skip work?

    it must be a huge adjustment. perhaps if you can take your kids to the playground or get to know other moms from their school or join a nearby gym you can start to get to know more people. you won't like everyone and you may not like anyone you meet! but at least you'll get to meet people.

    i hope you feel better soon. *HUGS*

  3. No I have a lisence I am not allowed to drive because of my back.

    I cant go to the park or gym as I can bearly walk so I guess I am kind of stuck.

    Is this what working in the US is like? I mean it does get a bad press for working conditions back in the UK.

    Does family really come second here? this is the impression we are getting after living here a while, back home we are used to 8 wekks holiday and compasionate leave!

    I have to say the day I have to get a taxi to the hospital instead of relying on my Dh to have 2 hours off work is the day I get a divorce, after all if they have probs he works till its sorted even if its till 3am.

    There seems to be no give and take but perhaps its just his company????
  4. I dont get it. Maybe Im missing something, but how did your husbands job cancel your appointment?

    An MRI is very important. I would talk to the imaging center where you were gonna get it at and see if there is something you can work out with them.

    If your disk has completely ruptured and is pressing on nerves you could be paralyzed. Just check it out dear. Good luck. Most places, like the hospitals I work for offer an uninsured discount.
  5. ^ i think she had to cancel her MRI because her husband couldn't take her to the hospital because his company threatened to fire him if he took days off.....

  6. Husband had to cancell it 15 minuites before appointment as problem arose at work that no one else could be bothered to sort.

    Worst bit is by time he got there they had fixed it!

  7. yep hubby told boss this, he just said was sympathetic but had a buissiness to run!
  8. hey LoopyLorns,

    oh that's horrible that you can't drive and go out because of your back!!

    I don't know what line your husband is in but certain industries are quite crazy. it also depends on how senior he is. i'm guessing he's not that senior which is why he doesn't have that much pull with that.

    I would think they would be more understanding since both of you just relocated and your situation sounds quite major. and he's only just arrived and they're already posting a job for his position and threatening to fire him. so i think part of it is that they are ***holes. I'm not sure if your husband can even find the time to find another job since they seem to want to keep him chained to the desk.

    However, it remains that in certain industries in the rush-rush-go-go cities they may be more understanding initially but at some point, it's about business and productivity. i don't think it's so much that family is second but there are demands in certain jobs and that's that and you have to balance that with the rest of your life. these certain jobs are also either a) hard to get or b) pay well and if person X doesn't want it, there are 1000 other people who will want it. in the end it's all about the choices we make in life.

    I personally would not expect my bf/husband to take me to the hospital. that's just me though. it's not realistic given the environment i work in. I'll share a past story with you. I had to have surgery. my then bf was a trader and there was no way he could take me to the hospital, much less be there when i came out. the only thing that would work for his schedule would be to pick me up after work around 6ish. So i hopped into a cab, hung around the hospital, got wheeled into the op theater etc. on my own.

    i wanted to leave the hospital before 6pm coss i was in pain and wanted to get back to my bed and sleep. the hospital would not let me go home on my own and i tried to hire a nurse going off duty to take me back in a cab but they wouldn't allow it so i had to call my friend to take me back. i went to all the xrays, mris, surgery on my whole and i didn't hold it against my then bf because it's the nature of his job.

    I think it's going to be very hard on your husband to keep on taking you to doctor visits. even if he changes jobs. just my personal opinion and i may be wrong.

    perhaps other women can share their stories with you and tell you if their husbands working in NJ/NYC are able to take them to the doctor. if you post in the general discussion section more ladies might be able to respond to you.

    I hope you get that MRI soon so the doctors can figure out what's wrong and you can get treated. I'm so sorry to hear the transition is so rough =( I wish it were easier on you cos there's so much to do and explore in NJ/NYC.

    But we'll all here for you so keep on writing. Big Hugs and :heart:


  9. Hubby is head of I.T so pretty senior.

    I have to say that your experience has confirmed my thoughts on the working conditions here.

    If I had a cold etc then of course I would not expect my DH to take me to the doctors but as another poster said I could end up paralised with this problem.

    Apart from the fact I want hubby with me for support and comfort he is worried sick about me and wants to be with me to learn whats wrong with me.
    These are the wedding vows we took to each other after all.

    In the Uk we work to live, to provide food and shelter etc

    here its more live to work and it really shocks me how brutal employers are here (or at least in this case) but the fear of being fired is obv most forefront on their minds.

    My hubby has even been told he has the rest of his life to spend with his family!

    my dear dear friend died 2 years back at the age of 30, her husband learnt the hard way that he did not have the rest of his life with his wife.

    At least I have you girls to talk to whilst house bound oh and all the scrummy bags to oggle!!
  10. i really think he should have talked with you about taking a cab to your apt. because you NEED that MRI.

    i hope you get it soon, stay strong.
  11. I so truly understand. Many working regulations in the US are pretty unsympathetic. I come from a Third World country but in my country every woman working for ANY company has mandatory 80 working days of PAID leave upon the birth of a child, apart from other sick, vacation leave etc. And for a year after that, 2 extra hours a day either to take during lunch time or morning/afternoon, just to go home and feed the child (as an incentive for mothers to breastfeed).

    I came here to the US and was absolutely SHOCKED about how mothers were forced to balance babies and work.

    I totally understand how things are with you. I'm sorry.

    Try to reschedule a MRI as soon as possible, and maybe get a cab servcie to take is tough, here in the US.
  12. It's too bad that your husaband couldn't go with you, but I still don't understand why he had to cancel your appointment. I understand that you need his moral support, but you need this MRI. As with any health related issue, time is limited.

    Please don't let your anger with his company keep you from getting the treatment you need. No, you don't want to do it without him and perhaps you shouldn't have to, but the point is, you need to do it.

  13. It had to be cancelled 10 mins prior to the appointment and as I cant drive I could not get there, also I could hardly take a 3 year old there which is the other point of needing help.

    My anger at the company wont stop me getting treatment but no man should be made to choose between his family or the job. My husband was in tears having to let me down again.
  14. I don't think this is exactly what you are looking for, but there are companies out there that provide transport to hospitals for appointments. I know that it stinks that your husband can't get off work to take you, so it seems, but for now the important thing is that he has a job, and you get your MRI, so get that taken care of first and then figure out the rest of it. I hope you find a solution soon, and feel better.
  15. oh i understand there have been plenty of times where i HAD to go to work instead of getting medical treatment. hopefully, you can rescheduled soon