Mr. Rooster is here!

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  1. He's patent (except for his feet, wings and beak and the back, it's gold metallic) and he's totally cute!

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  2. He is too cute!!
  3. That would look good on a patent berry Zoe!!
  4. Oh wow! That rooster is so colorful! I love it!
  5. So adorable!
  6. ADORABLE!!!!! I may need to adopt a rooster!
  7. He's super cute! I want to take him home.
  8. cute! I wish coach would make a monkey.
  9. ^Coach has made two monkeys :yes:

    Cute fob!
  10. That is super cute :love:
  11. Item #?
  12. well cock a doodle doozie!!! very cute!!
  13. 92557 $38.00
  14. Super cute!
  15. wow..
    thats one detailed rooster.. nice!