Mr. Richard Gere's plan to fight AIDS!

  1. In an AIDS conference, he said that media must fight the disease by using their enormous reach into people's hearts. Everybody, from the chief executives of TV networks to the cultural icons of Hollywood and Bollywood, must fight. Gere said he was inspired by Rock Hudson, who died in 1985 because of AIDS, and Hudson's good friend, Elizabeth Taylor, one of the first Hollywood stars to become actively involved in anti AIDS campaigns.
    Gere said of Taylor's work --- 'There was another cultural icon, who just cut to the center of the culture very quickly, very directly. And I think it was in many ways an inspiration to me'.
    'What I would do later on is work with people who had that ability to cut through very quickly and very deeply into the heart of a culture'.

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  2. I'm down for that! Why not use the media for good!