Mr. Pewter Is Home!!

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  1. Apparentley, I' been so *****y about Mr. Pewter never getting to out to wonderful places. So the day he'd gone missing, my husband made a plan with a flight attendant who lives nearby. (She's a mutual friend of ours.) She took him with her wherever places she went. I've got him here with me and with lots of pix of his travels. He even traveled in First Class with CHAMPAGE! the big brat! Now Goldie and Mr. Pewter have rekinkled their love and ARE MARRIED! (Oh Happy, Happy DaY!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  2. Seriously? YAY!!!!! I have been so sad about Mr. Pewter ever since he went missing. I'm so glad he is back!:yahoo:

    However, are you sure you don't want to kill Mr. Moonfancy?:bagslap:;)
  3. I can sense the excitement.........might explain the 3 threads! :P
  4. YAY! If you need help with pics wonderful Moonfancy, let me know. I can help :biggrin:
  5. Hey anyone this happy I am with 100%!

    Great news Moonfancy!

    Reunited and it feels so good! Goldie:heart:Pewter Together again!

    I love happy endings.
  6. Wow! Was this the bag you said got lost on a flight somewhere in Texas? I'm so glad you got it back, you were so, so upset about the loss and everyone was so sad about it.
  7. NO WAY!!!!!!!! That's so fantastic you got it back, and after all this time too! I am going to read your other threads, but I'm presuming the flight attendant was keeping it safe for you until you could be found/contacted? :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. ROFL! I am happy to hear about Mr. Pewter but I much prefer the other thread titles.... My Pester Is Home!! :lolots:
  9. Is Mr. Pewter like the gnome in the movie "Amelie"?

    I'm not sure of the back ground story here, but it sounds good and I am very happy for you to be reunited with your divine Pewtery Leathery friend! He sounds much loved and I am sure he & Mrs. Pewter are having fun becoming re-aquainted tonight! ::queen:+:king:=:blush:
  10. OMG!!! SO EXCITED for you!!! Mr Pewter is HOME!!!!

    I do think Mr. Moonfancy would have LOTS of explaining to do! LOL!

    Pictures please!!!
  11. Great news...Mr. Pewter has some explaining to do!!
  12. How very lucky!
    I can't help laughing at your other thread, Mr Pester...:lol:
  13. ^^ :yes: :lolots:
  14. Wow! So glad this bag is back with you as it was one of a kind. I think I would take the DH around the back of the house and hit him with something hard if he did this to me but you are probably a nicer person than I am!:biggrin:
  15. How indulgent of him! I can't believe he didn't even have the courtesy to contact you or send you a postcard while gallivanting all over the world. Glad to hear you've been re-united.