mr. & mrs. PBC @ BEVERLY HILLS HERMES for Chinese New Year!!!

  1. hellllllllllooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! happy chinese new year to everyone!!!!

    DH and i took my MIL for the weekend to celebrate the new year with SIL and her DH, who live in LA. after shopping up a storm at Sak's in beverly hills yesterday, we drove over to hermes on rodeo dr for a lil' peek of their inventory. on dispaly were 3 retourne 32cm kellys: potiron vibrato GH, navy togo PH, gold togo PH. the only birkin available was a 30cm black croc with diamonds. the SA told me that they normally reserve new birkins for their local established customers, but every once in awhile they'll put a birkin out on display for anyone to purchase. she also told me that the SAs in her store are not allowed to disclose birkin availabilities over the phone. i also saw on display a trim bag that had multicolored leather fringes attached to the entire bottom of the bag. wonder if this is a new style??? not really my cup of tea, but it reminded me of LV's multicolored fringe bags.

    anyhow, DH tried on a gorgeous pair of distressed wingtip shoes, but they didn't have the sz in the color that he wanted. the SA even did a search but NOTHING available! oh well. my DH then reminded me that i needed to change out the red croc strap on my H watch (our feng shui master told us i'm not supposed to wear red this year! :crybaby: ). so i asked the SA if she had a fuschia croc strap in stock and luckily they did! had that baby changed out immediately!!

    we spent about an hr in the store till MIL got a lil antsy. :yucky: i guess it was a good thing there were no bags for me to buy that day, otherwise MIL might have another crazy freak attack on DH! :cursing:

    after we left H, we headed on over to pinkberries, which is this yogurt ice cream place that's HOT right now. think we stood in line for 30 min and i don't even like yogurt!!! (it was all for DH :heart: ) then in return, DH stood in line with me for ONE HOUR & 10 MINS at Sprinkles cupcake!!! hahahaha poor was torture, but we did it just so i could say i had their famous overpriced $3.50 sprinkle cupcake!! :yahoo: ended up ordering 7 cupcakes to go: coconut, dark choc, blk/white, peanut butter, banana, red velvet, & marshmellow!! :graucho:

    anyways, aside from all the shopping and sweet treats and gorging on yummmmy chinese food every few hours, we also managed to burn off a few of those calories by taking walks along manhattan beach. it was a nice weekend and i'm excited to say we'll be going back again in 3 weeks...without MIL!!! muhahahaha :devil: :devil:

    pics #1 & #2: med sz diamond H watch with fuschia croc strap (lighting is bad so it came out kinda dark)
    pic #3: DH & i @ manhattan beach
    pic #4: MIL & SIL @ manhattan beach
    fuschiacrocstrap1.jpg fuschiacrocstrap2.jpg manhattanbeach1.jpg manhattanbeach2.jpg
  2. pic #5: DH standing in line at Sprinkles Cupcake in Beverly Hills
    pic #6: another pic of the 1 hr line at Sprinkles
    pic #7: all 7 of my yummy cupcakes
    & my H diamond watch with its new fuschia croc strap!
    pic #8: DH with Sprinkles souvenir shirt
    sprinklesline1.jpg sprinklesline2.jpg sprinkles.jpg sprinklesDH.jpg
  3. PBC,

    Wow, you both looks great! Love the new croc! BUT WOW, I was blinded a bit by your ring!! STUNNING!!

    And I LOVE Sprinkes! We end up in CA at least once a year. We have a lot of family and friends in the LA area (Pacific Palisades, Manhattan Beach, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, etc.)--and my husband likes to visit his old stomping ground USC. It's always nice to visit and such a change from MI.

    Glad you had fun!
  4. Happy New Year! Sounds like you celebrated quite well.

    I like the fushia band on your watch! Shame about the red, but the band you choose as a replacement is lovely.
  5. Ooooh....PBC in my old 'hood; aw, we'll be missing each other by a week when I head back there in two weeks! Glad to hear you and DH had a great time! The fuschia croc strap is just gorgeous.
  6. GORGEOUS FUCHSIA CROC STRAP!!!! CRAZY GIRL!!! I can't believe you stood in line for over an HOUR to get some cupcakes!! LOOK YUMMY THOUGH!!! Missed ya this weekend!!!! CHUC MUNG NAM MUOI!! Hope I spelled that right; you know my vietnamese sucks!!!:p
  7. Ooh I love that croc strap!!! :biggrin: It sounds like you guys had such a great day! :yes:
  8. PBC, thanks for sharing pics of your New Year. Looks like you had a great time. Your H watch is gorgeous and the cupcakes look yummy too.
  9. What a wonderful way to celebrate the Chinese New Year, pbc. I love your pictures. That fuchsia croc band is gorgeous :drool: and looks great on your watch and on you!

    I'm impressed by that you only bought 7 cupcakes. If I had stood in that line for over an hour, I don't think I could have stopped at just 7, even if they are $3.50 a piece.
  10. sounds like too much fun! those cupcakes... oh yum. good thing i have a carrot cake in the fridge for tomorrow or else i'd be eating my screen. lol

    what is the manhattan beach area like? i've never been.
  11. Gong Xi Fa Cai, PBC!:yahoo: Yay for choosing fuschia croc strap!:love::nuts: Fuschia croc strap is more :drool: than the red croc strap.:yes: I miss the cupcakes:crybaby:. I need to go back there again:sad:

    Sweet DH, beautiful MIL & breath-taking scenery. psst, Where's my HONGBAO?:roflmfao:
  12. Happy chinese new year! Thanks for sharing your pics, Gorgeous watch and tasty looking treats!!:drool:
  13. PBC, wow! Cupcakes AND Hermes! Agree that your ring is TDF.

    I'm curious, if you don't mind sharing. Why aren't you supposed to wear "red" this year? Is it just for you, or some universal law o' the FS? Thanks and Happy Chinese New Year!
  14. Great pics, adorable couple! Love your loot, congrats!
  15. PBC, wonderful stories once again of your shopping excursions! I'm so glad you got a fuschia strap for your watch - it looks amazing! I'll be in BH in the middle of march visiting my family, I can't wait to shop! Happy Chinese New Year!