Mr LV - Heard of Him?

  1. This guy has been dubbed Mr LV by a Hong Kong magazine. Check out his Collection. You will find a lot of suprises if you look closely.:yes: Enjoy.





  2. I love the teddy bear..I do want to own one of those one day, they're so cute.
    Thanks for the pics!
  3. Wonder if he's single:graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  4. wow! Thanks for posting! I love everything he has! I like that teddy bear! I love those LE bags!
  5. Looks like a collection by one of the girls here:p
  6. Wow, he has a lot of ladies' bags too!
  7. I want his Monogram Canvas Briefcase with Black Leather (the one that Hayden Christensen posed with).:love::love::love:
  8. My, that is an awesome collection
  9. OMG!! What a collection!

    All those LE's....:drool:
  10. hmmm so what are the suprises??
  11. The Strass Suede Theda is so pretty!
  12. Love the Oskar...!!
  13. Is he a celebrity in Hong Kong?
  14. Can you post the rest of his collection? I'm sure it'll be amazing!
  15. :drool: