Mr. Lau

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  1. they need to add he collects hermes birkins too ;) and the gals attached to them! ;)
  2. I saw the headline in Yahoo news but didn't make the connection that this was "our" Mr. Lau!!
    Thanks for pointing it out!
  3. i read that this morning, didn't know that it was the hermes mr lau. wow, didn't know that he was that wealthy!
  4. $2.1 billion.....that's a lot of corn purses.
  5. pigleto: i know!
    pepper: that's "OUR" mr. Lau alright!
    GF: lol
  6. All things Lau definitely belong here. He is THE Hermes Sugar Daddy!
  7. jag: woohoo!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Me neither! Hahaha More room for H bags and girls, no?
  9. Hermes, red wine, art, big airplane.
    gosh, there is a certain hotness in that.

    wow mr lau

  10. who is Mr Lau?
  11. GF shagged him to get a corn coin purse.

    possibly, she was joking, but with GF, well, one never knows...

    He is a gazillionaire who is known to shower the ladies in his life with H.

  12. :wtf:
  13. Here's the photo from my bedside table:

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  14. LOL !!