Mr. Lachey desperate to marry again...

  1. Good news ladies....:cool::cool:
    Our lovely Mr.Lachey wants to get married again as soon as his divorce from Jessica Simpson is finalized.....:graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:
    anyone interested......?



  2. Oh I think he is just lovely, I would love to marry him! :smile:
  3. I do not think he'll have a hard time making that happen! I think he is quite dreamy....
  4. Where do I sign up ?
    I really think he got a raw deal with her. I hope the next time around for him is *it* he deserves better then her.
  5. he must be soooo sweet!!!maybe too sweet, not my kind of guy:ninja:!!!they were a cute couple, i hope he'll find soon his 'sweet half'!!!:nuts:
  6. I wonder if his publicist has anything to do with making Nick headlines like this at the same time his new CD dropped!
  7. I'm probably the only woman in this world who doesn't find him attractive :yucky:
  8. I believe so !
    You hear/ see more about celebs when they have something going on. It's just part of marketing strategy I guess.

    I think he's nice I hope he will find the right gal he his lips:greengrin: :greengrin:
  9. Ditto. :sick:
  10. He's sweet but he's not THE hottest guy! I hope he finds the right girl!
  11. Ok. I know I'm probably really late but why is he getting a divorce from Jessica?

    Who cheated on whom? :huh: And with whom? :huh: Do tell please. :yes:

    did I say that right? or is it who cheated on who? Whatever. You get my point. LOL:lol:
  12. Good for Nick. You'd think after getting so publicly burned, he'd hate the idea of marriage. Keep the hope alive!
  13. agree to that....
    but if that really happened, that was so cheap....
  14. He appears to be a great guy, I hope he finds a great girl!
  15. I have a huge crush on him.. Cristina I'm glad you don't like him!!! It makes one less person for me to fight off!!!

    Aren't his eyes just gorgeous?!