Mr Hippo is mine!!!!

  1. :yahoo: DH just called from SCP and said he had a suprise for me and it's.......a gold Hippo lock!!!!! :yahoo: I'm soooo excited! :nuts: Can't wait to put him on my Speedy.
  2. Yay!!! What a wonderful hubby!!!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. How great!

    I've had my elephant for a couple of months now, and have finally gotten a Trim to attach it to! Enjoy!
  5. oh cute!!! Your hubby is soo sweet to do the Hermes hunt for you!!!
  6. yay!! i have the palladium one, i think the hippo is so cute!!
  7. What a romantic thing to do! I love it and I am sure you do!!!
  8. Your hubby is the best, CB!! Enjoy your hippo.....he's gonna lookgreat on that kelly, one day!!!
  9. YAAY Heather! I love the Hippo too! I've got the Heart in Palladium hanging on my Trim! These Cadenas can really be addicting!!!!
  10. I also have one....congrats! Nice hubby.....
  11. Thanks everyone!!! :yahoo: DH is flying home right now and I can't wait to see him...and my hippo! :love:
    Yep, now I just need a Kelly with gold HW. :graucho: Someday....:girlsigh:
  12. That's so sweet! I love that little hippo!
  13. Oh so lucky. How wonderful. Can't wait for the pictures (blatant hint).
  14. Thanks GT and HH. :flowers: DH should be home around 10pm so I'll post pics as soon as I can. :yahoo:
  15. What a sweet guy you've got there!