MR.Fix It, or Power Tool Challanged ??

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  1. Is your Husband or Boyfriend handy around the house/apartment ?

    My Husband is, (thank goodness !) he's computer savy,good at hanging up art work, carpentry, painting, plumbing and rewiring where necessary.

    How about you ?
  2. Yes, thank god, he's handy...he was born with the handyman gene, a natural. My father on the otherhand THINKS he was born with the handyman gene, I have to hide the tools when he comes over to my house :worried: !
  3. No, my husband is not handy, but excels at telling me to call a handyman!!! Any time that we have gotten a toy to put together for our kids....he messes with it for a while, and then tells me it is broken. Meanwhile, he has never looked at the directions. Apparently this trait runs in his family, as his mother also acts like instructions are never included with anything!!!
  4. Yeah, he's pretty handy around the house, especially when it comes to anything technology-related. He's also good to keep around for the really difficult stuff, like taking out the trash :P
  5. Although my husband is an executive in business he's handy around the house too. He can pretty much do/fix anything. He even solved my saggy Speedy problem. He saw me one day examining my bag with a frustrated look on my face. He asked me what was wrong. I said, "I hate the way my bag sags." He said, "I can fix that in a minute." He took the bag into the garage and in about five minutes came back with problem solved. He made a plexiglass insert for the bottom of the bag. He's the best.;)
  6. :lol: Oh yea, or changing the cat litter!
  7. That's so sweet, :love: you sound so proud of him, as you should be. It sounds like you both love and appreciate each other. By the way great idea about the plexiglass.
  8. oh yeah... the bf can do a lot when you ask him too... electrical things, computer things etc... he knows more than i do! hehehe!
  9. Yes, thank goodness! I get frustrated easily so I'm glad he's extremely computer/electrical/car repair/pretty much everything savvy.
  10. The plexiglass works like a charm.;)
  11. my bf is not a handyman at all...and he willingly admits this! but this is mostly due to the fact that he works 12hrs/day/364days/yr. i do everything house-related but i don't mind at all.
  12. My husband is pretty handy around the house...unfortunately though it just takes him a while to get around to it...
  13. Only handy with electronics, etc. Anything with wiring or plumbing needs to be done by a pro!
  14. Typically they have been as clueless as I am :lol:
  15. Aaaaah, the true sign of a keeper. Cares about your bag related problems :love:

    My boyfriend is rather handy with tools and stuff. He usually helps my dad when he comes over, because my dad is v. technically minded but if any components at hand are plastic, they're gonna be busted :biggrin: