Mr. FedEx stopped by today...

  1. and dropped off some Chanel goodies, yay! I had the worst day Friday, so this just made everything all better :p

    My new babies: red and coral lambskin e/w classic flaps, blue caviar e/w classic flap, white caviar medium classic flap (lol, yes, I love my classics!), small lambskin kelly and small lock bracelet. i also have the matching red lambskin wallet coming in thanks to CHANELboy :yahoo:
    chanelbags.jpg chanelkelly.jpg chanellock.jpg
  2. wow that's a lot of new bags!
  3. Wow you went on a Chanel Shopping Spree!! They are all lovely!
  4. All in one day? WOW. You have some great bags!!! :heart:
  5. I've been on the hunt for a couple of these bags (everything goes pretty fast at my Chanel and NM) and was able to locate everything i was looking for last week!
  6. gorgeous!

    do you have other chanel bags? you should post a collection pic =)
  7. OMG, you got all these bags all at once!?!? Lucky you!! That's definitely a shopping spree!! They are beautiful! Love them all!
  8. They are truly gorgeous, congrats!
    Your pics bright my Saturday night too! :drool:
  9. Wow those are all GORGEOUS! Congrats!!
  10. WOW that's a lot of new stuff!!! Congrats!!!
  11. i am SO JEALOUS!!!! LUCKY GIRL! hehee. congrats!!!!! (:
  12. goodness gracious you are set for a while
  13. GORGEOUS!!:drool:

    *picks my mouth up off the floor*

    What Friday??? lol
  14. Wow, gorgeous bags. Have fun wearing them.
  15. Wow, that's an amazing collection. Congrats on all of your new purchases.