Mr. FedEx Man Came Today & Brought Me...

  1. The first of my two PCE deliveries came today and while I am dying to open them and see everything, the boxes are just SOOOO pretty that I can't open them.

    This is not a great pic as it was taken from my camera phone.

    When I get home tonight I will open them and post pix.
    pce box.jpg
  2. Oh I wanna see what's inside!
  3. What a tease!!!! hahaha!!!!! :hysteric: :angel: :lol:
  4. Cant wait to see what's INSIDE the boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i wanna see whats inside....pretty please...
  6. I couldn't take it any longer and opened two of the four boxes. I will post pix tonight.
  7. Patiently waiting :sweatdrop::girlsigh:
  8. ooo such a tease! i have to go to work now thinking about what could be in your boxes! haha
  9. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  10. What a tease :p
  11. Ooh...that's mean...just plain mean! How could you do this to a group of purse hungry women?? Show us what's in the boxes!:dothewave:
  12. my thoughts exactly:girlsigh:
  13. Haha I second that!
  14. Waa!!!! Can't wait to see!!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. OMG!!!!! what a tease lol.:rolleyes: