Mr Edward the robot meets BMW

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  1. This is so cute, I love it!
  2. Adorable!!
    I'm sure Mr. Edward will enjoy his ride!
  3. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, they're so funny they make me smile :biggrin: :yahoo: Mr Edward is so fun to have!

    It's a 5 :P

    I bought it at the Prada boutique in Gaysorn shopping mall in Bangkok. They had loads in stock, around 10.
  4. so cute! i love them together :smile:
  5. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so quirky. I love it!
  6. Wow. Looks great. Do you mind me asking the $?
  7. awww mr. edward is so cuteee!

    how did i miss this thread???
  8. cute!
    bmw, superb choice ;) ... hey, it's the "ultimate driving machine" after all :smile:
  9. Is he still being sold in the USA? Anyone seen him in NY at all???
  10. Not at all :biggrin:, it's around US$100.

    I have no idea. I bought mine in Bangkok. You may find the following info from the authenticity certificate card useful:

    Article Number: 1ARA97
    Material: Edward
    Color: Nero

    Good luck finding it!
  11. Have you looked online?
  12. skyrider007, that is a serious good buy!! The robots available in my local store last time start at 350US$!!
    and nice @ your 5 series!! What color's yours? Mine's black =)
  13. I have and am having no luck :sad:

    Hopefully the product info you posted will help. If you see one online please PM me.
  14. Just got my Edward yesterday!! it's a new product so maybe you gotta wait for awhile? Hopefully u get to take this cute little robot home :smile:
  15. oh that's too funny!!!!!! Great match!!!