Mr. Clean Sponge thingie on vernis bag- where to start LOL

  1. Ok, Im going to use the Mr. Clean Sponges (which my buddy Jazzie from the last RAOK bought me :flowers:) on the Vachetta on my Vernis mercer because the patina is a little un even. Know there are probably many threads on Mr. Clean but Im just wondering about vernis. I have some questions:

    [] what do I do ?

    [] Does it make the Vachetta darker ??

    [] any other advice/info ?

    Thanks :flowers::flowers:
  2. First - if your patina is just a little uneven I would try a baby wipe first. (I know you probably already tried this.)

    Then start off with the magic eraser damp and work on the dark areas of the vachetta - it will make it darker at first but it should dry lighter.

    I don't know if you will be able to get the patina to be perfectly even. I've cleaned up two eBay bags and even with hitting the middle of the straps repeatedly I lightened the patina a LOT, but was not able to get it perfectly even.

    Just take slow and let it dry inbetween treatments.
  3. Thanks Queenmab ! I think Im going to do this soon, Im so scared of ruining it thought, I think I will have to have a long think before I do it :flowers: