Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.... whoa

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  1. You guys, it's genius. I don't know what odorless, colorless stuff they put on this thing, but it's incredible!!

    It got off THICK NASTY grease from my steering wheel that the mechanics thoughtfully left on AND the scuffs off of my pink leather pumps.

    Thank you, Mr. Clean. You rock.
  2. I love the Mr. Clean magic eraser! It's really good a removing caked on stuff. I use on my stove top almost everyday!
  3. i use it on my walls all the time....and on my shoes....on my bags....on my sink.....floors....pretty much for really is magic :lol:
  4. hey JC! Is it safe to use on any kind of leather?
  5. it seems to work well on the vachetta of LV bags and it's good for anything coated butI'd be hesitant about using it on the softer leather like chloe bags and on balenciagas just cuz i'd be afraid of color coming off/fading......i prefer to use it on smoother leathers that are pretty shiny or untreated
  6. i used it on the handles of my speedy and it took off all the gross dark gunk that it absorbs from being hand-carried - now it's just beautiful patina!
  7. ooooooohhh! Gotta get me one of those this week. I'm going to try it on my LV handles too!
  8. me too! i gotta clean my LVs.
  9. YESSSSSSS!!!!

    I recommend this to absolutely every one of my clients (and prospects!) It's absolutely genius for getting scuffs off of walls without repainting.
  10. i have been hooked on them since last year! i love it.. i use it for everything and it's never let me down! haha :smile:
  11. how cool.
  12. It even cleans Louis Vuittons ! ;)
  13. I love Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I discovered it last year and use it all the time on my walls and baseboards. I didn't even think about using it on my purses. Great idea
  14. woah! I've gotta try this!

    I've just been hooked on tide pen to go, that was brilliant also!
  15. i used this to clean my walls when moving out of my apt haha