mr. clean magic eraser on MC speedy.. AMAZING

  1. heyy everyone

    i just used the MCME on my multicolor speedy (black) and it worked wonders!! my bag is from dec 2003 so the handles got pretty dark... i used the MCME and wiped it a few times.. by the time it dried.. it was sooo much lighter. kinda like the new shade of patina... liek the handles have JUST started to patina. i am very impressed... i also used it on the lighter colored LVs and fleurs (white, pastel yellow, light green etc) cuz u could tell they were getting dirty.... i lightly "erased" them a couple of strokes and VOILA... the WHITE LVs turned crisp white like new! and all the other fleurs look very new as well. I STRONGLY recommend the MCME to anyone!

    the only thing is that i find it dries up the leather a lot... even my hand that i used to hold the eraser felt raelly dry afterwards. QUESTION... i dont have appleguard. does anyone know how i can condition my handles? woud vaseline or face craem work?? thanks for your help! ill try to post pics this weekend....amidst of all the shopping i sitll haev to do.. ::sweatdrop: heeh
  2. i deff wouldn't put any of those things on your leather. i've used leather conditioner i got from a leather jacket store in the mall. i think it was wilson's or something like that. it worked really well & didn't change the color of my leather.
  3. when i magic cleaned my mono alma i used "KIWI LEATHER LOTION". it worked great.
  4. good to know all of this, i stand to try this soon!
    i can't seem to find this mr clean magic eraser though.
  5. ^^^ I got it thru eBay. expensive.. Haa.. I use LMB moisturiser. Works really well..
  6. what's LMB?

    and i tried the MCME on my speedy handles yesterday, love the results!
  7. Oh, post us "after and before" pics ;)
  8. Oh pls post pic's of before and after, its always nice to see the difference. I would put some conditioner on the handles. Either apple guarde or wilsons.
  9. I'm not sure if they're sold outside of the US and/or Canada, but you can find them in grocery stores and drugstores here. Trying eBay or other sites online is probably your best bet if you can't find them in a store. I stock up on them -- they're wonderful!

    Aside from handbags, they do a great job cleaning everything else. I love using them on walls.
  10. Great to know...very helpful thread. I can't wait to see the before and after shots
  11. please post pics = )
  12. I love the magic eraser!!! It's the best thing out there!

  13. can you please tell how you used the magic eraser? did u wet it or use it dry? i just bought one and am about it use it on my mono speedy but im not sure if it should be wet or not. does anyone know??
  14. Isn't the MCME kind of gritty? I am scared to use it, it doesn't scratch the leather?