Mr. Clean Magic Eraser= best thing ever *PICS*

  1. I have always had this small water stain on my montsouris and since my vachetta wasn't dark it was visible. I was at the store and saw the magic eraser and without a doubt in my mind I bought it and got home fast! I remembered Tink's thread about her vernis bucket and did exactly as she said! The Mr. Clean Magic eraser is now my new best friend!!!! The first wipe was tough because I was thinking man I just conditioned this. Well I reconditioned and the bag looks brand new!! I recommend this to anyone!!! THANKS TINK for you help!!!

    P.S I swear it made the vachetta lighter not that I mind dark vachetta :smile:

    Here are the results!


  2. nice!
  3. cool:tup:
  4. Looks great! I will have to get one of those to have handy..
  5. looks great!
  6. Those are amazing!! I accidently smudged eyeliner/mascara onto my fresh vachetta and it came right off with the magic eraser. Looks good :tup:
  7. awesome! Did you do anything to condition the leather afterwards? I used the magic eraser on my vachetta coach bag and it dried it out a lot. I want to clean the handles on one of my old bags but i'm afraid it'll dry the vachetta out. Did yours get really dry afterwards?
  8. Wow, it looks great! Thanks for the advice!
  9. Yay...Looks great!! Goodness, I love that stuff!!
  10. It is amazing!!! I swear, too, that it makes the vachetta lighter. I love it. Glad it helped your bag out!
  11. Impressive! I should buy one of those too..
  12. That looks clean!
  13. Thanks for sharing
  14. thanks for the advice!
  15. Did you wet the magic eraser, or use it right out of the box without wetting it? I'm scared to clean my azur speedy.