Mr. Clean Eraser mess?!?!

  1. After reading everyone's cleaning tips on the Mr. Clean Eraser I tried it on the handles of my Speedy 25, but it didn't work that well...and now my handles are dull. And one is slightly lighter than the other... :confused1: Before they were dirty and they're just dirty and dull...can anyone tell me what I can do to restore the shine? I'm so sad...I feel like I've ruined my bag or something. :crybaby:
  2. Don't feel too bad, that happened to me too. I just conditioned it with Wilson's leather lotion and it restored the shine... but it's still not the same as before. Wait for other replies, maybe someone has a better conditioner they can recommend.
  3. others have used apple conditioner after using the eraser on their handles.
  4. The exact same thing happened to my black MC Speedy...I guess I'm just going to take it in and have everything replaced except the piping. It looks worse now than it did before. I wouldn't even consider carrying it now in the condition it's in. Sorry you had the same bad luck I had. Maybe someone here has some tips.
  5. I had the same thing happen to me! I guess I should get a leather conditioner..
  6. Mr. Clean eraser is hit or miss, but when it misses it screws up your items badly!
  7. I think with time, the shine will come back....the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is hit or miss....
  8. You need to be careful using the Magic Erasers.. They don't really "erase" anything. The reason that they remove marks and stains is because they remove surface layers of the canvas or leather.

    If you use it too much, it will result in a grey, dull finish on the Vachetta. Overuse on the Monogram Canvas will wash out the print and on leather it can remove the dye pigmentation resulting in horrible fading.

    Since you have already used it with negative affect, I suggest ordering leather care and rejuvenator from Griot's Garage.

    Apply both with your bare hands and "Moisturize" it in to the leather.

    Massage the "Leather Care" in for a good 5-10 minutes until the leather darkens. Clean it off with a clean, soft cloth. You should do this to all of the vachetta so all of it is evenly toned. Let it set for 15 minutes and proceed to the "Rejuvenator".

    Again, massage the rejuvenator in with your bare hands, making sure to cover all of the vachetta. You will immediately see a change in the texture of the leather. Let it sit for a few minutes and allow it to absorb into the pores. Wipe the leather clean with another clean, soft cloth (Not the Leather Care).

    You can use both of these products on the Monogram Canvas, Damier, etc. It will NOT harm any of your items - As some of the other products on the market do.

    This is THE finest product I have ever used and is the ONLY one that I will use on my bags and in my car.

    You will be amazed with the results.
  9. even after applying apple conditioner, the texture of my handles is not the same as it was before i used the magic eraser
  10. It worked for me! I had to be careful, gentle doing single strokes and patiently waited till it dried and repeat if necessary (3x on mine). Very light scrub IF necessary on spots. Don't get the vachetta too wet - just a bit moist enough for the eraser to work on. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for it to dry on each step of ALL applications! It definitely will look dry and somewhat dull after cleaning. APPLE BRAND CONDITIONER will & should restore suppleness!! Buff gently for a sheen! MC is NOT also intended to lighten or return the vachetta from being in brand new color. Mine got lighter after all the steps. I think that I removed the dark honey patina to a lighter medium honey patina after I applied the Apple conditioner evenly and sparingly. Apple conditioner gave it a new patina - lighter than what it used to be that I prefer.

    APPLE WATER/STAIN REPELLANT I sprayed the following day I applied the conditioner. To the member who originally suggested on using Mr. Clean Eraser - thank you! IMO, amazing result!:wlae:
  12. Mr. Clean magic eraser ruined one of my speedies. I had to have the handles replaced. I'll never touch it again. I'm sorry this happened to you. It's hard on a forum like this because so often you don't hear the bad. No amount of conditioning ever restored the patina on my speedy's handles after using that horrible stuff.
  13. omg. i cant believe the magic eraser has messed up peoples bag!! LIKE FOR REAL! omg. horrible.
  14. i had something similar happen to me. i'm so mad i tried Mr. Clean Magic eraser on the handles of my Lavender Bedford..before my handles were dark (a bit dirty) and shiny, now they're slightly less dirty but more "grey" and very dull. :sad:

    i have apple care conditioner, i put some on, but i am not sure it did anything..did not restore the "shininess" to it. should i put more on? how do i "buff" it..with a towel?