Mr Blackwells Worst Dressed List !!!

  1. I usually agree with the lists.
  2. Wow I'm surprised Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan made the list - they usually wear such cute stuff! He's right on with Britney though.. I can't remember her wearing ANYTHING decent in the last year or so.
  3. I was surprised by Eva Longoria. I loved the lilac dress she wore at the Emmy awards.

    Brittany #1? Right on. :sick:
  4. The only person I am SHOCKED to see on his list is Eva!!!:amazed:
  5. Eva and Renee kind of shock me (Renee can sometimes look pretty bizarre, but other times super good, she's a chamelean!) Jessica and Lindsey surprise me a bit too. But the rest have earned their place!
  6. Eva and Renee aren't the worst IMO. I'm not shocked at Britney at all!
  7. Kate Moss always rules, but leave HRH alone - it's Her 80th B'day and She wears the crown of Queen of England possibly better than he will (though he can prob'ly do the glitter eyeshadow better! Miaow, pussycats! ;) )

  8. A little harsh on LiLo and I think there should be a special clause for pregnancy, although I saw a little too much of Britney's belly for my tastes as well.
  9. I'm a bit surprised to see Dione Warwick on the best dressed list. I don't think I've seen her since the Psychic Friends Network commercials. :worried:
  10. i'm a bit surprsed about best dressed Kirsten Dunst... doesn't she look kinda shoddy many times??
  11. Dunst looks just as much of a homeless person as Mary-Kate Olsen. She's a horrible dresser.

    The rest of the list is pretty spot on (although I don't remember Renee and Shaki wearing anything particularly offensive).

    Soooo agree about Mariah, I think she's pretty, but why she insists on shoving herself into small sized clothes made for 16 year olds boggles my mind. I wish she'd dress her age and size.
  12. I loooove little MK's style. and Kirsten Dunst is cute too!

    :smile: the list is funny though :P
  13. Im suprised that Lilo and Jessica made the list.
    I think Paris should have been # 1.:sick:
  14. :sad: I love LiLo's style! Besides, didn't she gain a little weight again?