Mr. Blackwell's 47th annual Worst Dressed Women List


    SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM has beaten out competition from AMY WINEHOUSE to top a list naming the world's worst dressed women.

    Beckham took the number one spot on designer Mr. Blackwell's 47th annual Worst Dressed Women List for wearing "one skinny-mini monstrosity after another".

    Winehouse's beehive hairstyle and her penchant for polka-dot clothing earned her the number two position, while Mary-Kate Olsen is at three because "she resembles a tattered toothpick-trapped in a hurricane".

    Rounding out the top five are singers Fergie and Kelly Clarkson.

    Blackwell did, however, take pity on beleaguered Britney Spears because of her ongoing personal troubles: "For those of you who were expecting to see Britney's name adorn the 2007 list, I felt that it was inappropriate at this time to make comment, when her personal life is in such upheaval. I hope 2008 is a better year for her." (GES/WN)

    10.) Alison Arngrim:
    9.) Lindsay Lohan:
    8.) Jessica Simpson:
    7.) Avril Lavigne!
    6.) Eva Green:
    5.) Kelly Clarkson:
    4.) Fergie:
    2.) Amy Winehouse
    1.) Victoria Beckham

  2. :roflmfao: LOL!!!! I nearly spit out my coffee reading this - IMO, this is a perfect description of MKO!!!
  3. Well, Beckham just won a fashion award, why should she care? Everyone knows she's one of fashion's greatest females at the moment. ANd, frankly I think she's been doing a better job than most. I cant' see why she should loose to ms camel toe (Jessica) and a number of total crackheads just becauseof some experimentation. Oh well, more publicity. Who really cares about these lists anyways?:upsidedown:
  4. ^^^ :yes::tup:
  5. I was totally shocked that VB was #1! No way should she have beaten out Amy Winehouse or Jessica Simpson! That's not to say I think she belongs on the list, but if Mr. Blackwell wanted her on there, she should have been like #568.

    And Alison Arngrim??? WHO CARES??? What about Tara Reid if we are going to obscure people? I feel like this list is a joke this year.
  6. Isn't it every year?!;)
  7. ^^ haha you got me there...I feel like I've never been this shocked before though.
  8. Isn't Alison Arngrim the person that played Nellie Olsen on Little House on the prairie???
  9. I agree with him and have always stated her attire does nothing for me. Overrated she is....definitely. :yes:
  10. i don't get eva green, i really like her edgy style.
  11. I think Amy should be #1.
  12. yep, this is her now:

  13. I don't get VB as a fashion icon. I really agree w/ that, as well as some of the others on the list.
  14. :lol::lol:

    I'm sorry, her sense of style frightens me...

  15. Totally agree. The reason why VB got number one over Amy Winehouse is because Amy is on drugs, Becky has no excuse except maybe from lack of food and she's lightheaded. She thinks just because it has a designer name on it, that it will look good covering her rocks on her chest. From her hair don't to the boar nose to her chest. She's a joke. Can you tell I like her? :roflmfao: