Mr and Miss Purse Blog soon to be reunited!!!!

  1. Well you all know about Vlad and my being apart- it keep happening but is going to be over as of Friday!!!! Vlad is leaving Germany tomorrow morning to fly back to the states- and will be flying to NYC to see me on Friday!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :love: :tender:

    I know he and I have both been VERY busy these past few weeks, but things are soon to calm down and you will be seeing a lot more of us. My job will be over soon and I have a few nice vacations coming up (Mid West Pf meeting!!! KOP PF meeting!!! Florida & the Carribean) :yes:

    So thanks for being patient with us... if you have any PM's unanswered by me- just know that I didn't forget but I am just swamped!! Things will be settling down and Vlad and I have some big plans for tPF the Purse Blog and things to come!!!

    And to all of you NYCers and those nearby- please try to make it up to the big city August 19th for our NYC PF meeting!!!!!! :supacool:
  2. woooohooo Megs! I bet you're so excited!
    Enjoy your time with Vlad and your fun plans.
    I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us!
  3. ^ We better live up to the hype!! Haha... but we have some plans in store for us and ya'll!!
  4. Aww! I am so happy for you and Vlad!! You must be sooo happy!!:yahoo: :yes: :flowers:
  5. Im so excited for you..if anyone "gets it" its me!!! Two weeks from tomorrow I will get to see Jason...I miss him terribly!! (and the damn dogs ofcourse!!!) Enjoy your time together! :smile:
  6. I'm really excited!! We will take pics and show you all (only if I look cute though, of course :amuse:)
  7. Megs, I am sure you will look great!! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. Take pics! Well, the ones you can show us at least....:graucho:
  9. That's AWESOME!!!:yahoo:I am so happy for you guys!!!:wlae: Have a blast!!!
  10. Yay for reuniting!:yahoo:

    I hope you guys have an wonderful vacation!
  11. I am really excited!!!! We will do all the touristy things once he gets here :supacool:
  12. I'm excited for you both!! I know how much torture it can be, being apart for too long!
  13. Hey, that's great to hear! Have fun doing touristy things!
    I wonder what the big plans are!
  14. awwww that's great!
  15. Megs, I am also going to New York!!!!! Cool, I would so love to meet you guys!!!