MPRS white Gaucho no reserve

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  1. ever since I posted about that bag, I checked back and it has gone up significantly in price, but still lower than retail (which I doubt it would stay at for a sweet bag like that)
  2. Questions:
    Why didn't she photograph the interior?
    Why do some people say they're sold out? They're not actually, Neimans here has them as does Dior at the Houston Galleria{?}
  3. I think there probably was one to start w/. After the first bid the BIN is gone unless there was a Reserve on it. I say I think they may have been one because in her descript she offers free shipping w/ BIN.
  4. Im in the Texas say Houston and Dallas Galleria still have the Dior gaucho in stock? You are soo lucky to live near a boutique. I have to drive (minimum) 1.5 hours to get to one. :cry:
  5. I was on the wait list at Neimans Northpark and they called me, so I know they at least had them a week ago. And the Dior in Houston Galleria had 3 brown ones last week, the bronw was much prettier in person I might add! They told me they're gtting more soon.
    It's the only "It" bag I've wanted so far!
  6. she said it was sold out in europe
  7. I didn't say her, I said "some people". I see this a lot about bags{?}
    People claim things are sold out, but they're not. I think some Seller's assume we don't do our homework.
  8. Yeah, I understand what you mean but the supply and demand technique does work ;)
  9. It should work! When it's true! LOL!
    I know a lot of bags are hard to find, I'm realistic about it, I swear!
  10. I have the medium white gaucho in my car right now and I am returning it to saks Portland tomorrow because I am picking up the white gaucho tote. If anyone wants it, no tax and I will just ship it on to you. I think they are $1395. It has only been out of its sleeper for a minute to look out.
  11. ^^^ I wish I had the money to buy it from you!!! That is my dream bag right now!!