MPRS Sellers: Offer Lower Price

  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone offered an MPRS seller LES than their BIN price? Have you ever been successful?
    If so, what is the typical discount that you have asked for?

    **I've seen people do this over on the balenciaga forum...wondering if anyone has done it here**
    It just seems like some people are asking such outrageous prices....I've seen a couple that were in the same condition as others on ebay (other MPRS) and asking 3x as much.
  2. I actually have done this successfully! The seller was authentic_lvlady, she is very accomodating! I can't remember the exact amount of the discount, but it was fairly significant. It doesn't hurt to ask :flowers:
  3. I agree that it doesn't hurt! It's especially effective if you notice that the auction has been relisted more than once. This sends a message to the seller that her prices may be too high.
  4. Thanks ladies!
  5. That is how I scored my Cherry Cerises Speedy. Ultimate Seller (MPRS) had it listed for around $1400 and I asked her if she would consider $1250 w/shipping. Hey, it never hurts to ask! Good luck!!
  6. I got my Twin GM from this seller. I offered the opening bid and she ended the auction early.
  7. I also asked this seller who I have bought 3 bags from now about a Balenciaga she had up for sale and she sold it to me for the starting bid and ended the auction too! She had a BIN price up but I didn't have to pay the extra $$. She is a great seller!! :love: