mp3 question

  1. so my cousin gave me his mp3 player its pretty new its a sandisk sansa e250 the only prob is he lost the installation cd that came with it

    so do you know a website where i can download it??
    or do you have any other suggestions?

  2. Most mfrs keep their installation software online these days, so you shouldn't have any problems finding it online and downloading it directly off the mfrs website. You have all the important stuff, the software is the easiest thing to find!
  3. i agree, go to the sansa website and download the software appropriate to the model you have.
  4. whoa. not sure what i was trying to say there... i think i was combining sentences again, lol

    did you find what you needed on that site?

  5. well i downloaded the above and it worked now there is another program i need inorder to make a video the proper size to put on the mp3 player

    but i will worry about that later i'm just figuring out how to put music on this thing lol

    thanks so much:yahoo:
  6. i have a program i use for converting videos for my ipod, but not sure if it will work with what you have.

    what program are you putting your music in?
  7. windows media player i am using now

    and my lovely couisn left his music on the mp3 player lol 200 songs and i have no clue how to remove them

    i stink at these things
  8. if you delete them from your playlist, they SHOULD be deleted from your player when you reconnect it. at least, thats how it works with my ipod
  9. that makes sense i am gonna keep working on this

    thanks alot
    i will keep you informed
  10. a lot of it is trial and error...even with my ipod, things never worked the way they were supposed to!
  11. Kallison -- Which program do you use to convert video? I just downloaded a trial of DVDFAB Platinum and I'm about to buy it. I just want to make sure I'm not mising a better one!
  12. You should be able to plug the player into your PC (via a USB cable I assume) and have it show up as an external drive. Then, just go into windows explorer and delete all the songs just like you'd delete any other file.
    Also, Sandisk has the owners manual available onlilne.

    just click "MP3 Players", then the E200 series, then your model and everything you'd need should be there.