Mp3 Player Recommendations Needed!!!!!

  1. I try to exercise at least five days a week. I am the type of person that needs music or television to exercise. My old Creative mp3 player stopped working so I am looking for a new one.

    I need something that is relatively light that will not weigh me down at the gym. Holds at least 8GB of music and has a radio and video capabilities. I watch TV at the gym so I need a radio to hear the stations. What does everyone here use?
  2. I have iPod Touch and am very happy with it. Sure it's bigger than the Nano, but I need my videos for the treadmill otherwise I'll get bored. I also have the 30gig iPod but can't stand using that one as the screen is bloody small I gotta pinch my eyes to see videos. The screen on the Touch is nice and big.
  3. None of the iPods have FM capabilities.

    Have you looked into iRiver? All of their players have an FM tuner.

    The Clix is 8gb, can play video/music, and like I mentioned, has an FM tuner.
  4. ^^^
    Oops, sorry, didn't realize the OP was looking for radio. I thought just videos.
  5. iPod Nano w/ the FM remote.
  6. Also, the iRiver has a 10% rebate, which makes it about 50 bucks cheaper than the iPod Nano including the FM remote.
  7. What about one by Sandisk? I have a Sansa one and it is super light- not enough storage for you on mine, but I think all that brand comes w/ FM and most are pretty lightweight. Mine is really banged up, dropped a ton and no problems.
  8. ^really?
    I've gone through 2 of them and they both are total duds:sad:
    I actually feel a little like Charles about apples, I resisted in a BIG way. I didn't want an iPod, but I tried 2 brand new Sansa Express's from Best Buy and they're SOOO bad.
    Files keep showing "No Song" or "License Expired" even when they're paid for or transferred that day and it just turns off sporadically.
    Also, my FM is super staticy.
    I'd take the 2nd one back and get a refund but Best Buy won't have that:blah:
    I had to go to Apple. . . didn't have time or energy to research the other options.
  9. Yep. Not one problem. The FM is super clear and I've even gotten it covered in wet, and accidentally dunked in paint (while staining my fence) and went and it cleaned up fine, as well as no operating problems. My brother has one that gives odd error messages, but I think that's because he takes it off the USB charger w/o disconnecting first. I actually have his w/ me at my house to see if I can figure it out and well, b/c he doesn't use it. His is newer and cooler looking than mine!
  10. maybe it's the newer ones w/ issues{?}
    I figured my first one was a fluke, but the 2nd one was as bad as the first.
  11. If you don't mind going up in size a bit, have you looked at the Zune?

    Looks like 3 editors ranked it higher than the iPod, has an FM tuner and is only 50 bucks more for 10X the capacity (compared to the iRiver...same price as the iPod Nano with FM remote)

    Here are some other players that fit your needs:
  12. I noticed that @ Target a few days after buying my iPod:cry:
  13. Maybe try a creative MP3 player?

    I have the Crative Zen V plus in 4GB but it can go up to 16GB. It's small, very portable and has an FM tuner. It's perfect when I go to the gym and it holds videos as well... although the screen is a bit small. All in all it's a great product, I;ve had it for over a year and never had any major problems with it :smile: