Mp Candy!

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  1. I think it's been a total of 4 weeks and I have managed to collect these 3 lovely MPs and a MBMJ Airliner wallet. I love my little family! A Casey or Bruna to soon join my family!

    Peacock, Berry (2004), & Sap Green (the one that started it all)

    Could not have done it with out the peer pressure of everyone!
  2. They do look like candy!! What wonderful colors you chose. Love them all!!:love:
  3. Yummy! I LOVE Sap green!
  4. Oh, how pretty! I love Sap Green and Peacock! Enjoy!
  5. :party::tpfrox:

    Congrats! They are allllll LOVELY!
  6. Excuse me while I fall in love with your Peacock MP.:love:
  7. That peacock MP sure looks good!!! :P Can't wait to see what color you add next to your MJ family!
  8. Yummy... your very own set of skittles. :love:
  9. Haha - skittles! I like that. I think I'm done with MPs for now....for me it feels odd to have 3 of the exact same bag - but I could picture myself with a Spearmint MP one day. Oiiiii it never ends!
    It's just the perfect bag for me - it's so comfortable to wear and looks so great!
  10. ^Nope it will never end! :graucho: You will only acquire more MP's and other MJ's and have a really gorgeous collection. I love all your eye candy! Looking forward to many, many more.

    PS: A raspberry Bruna would be an EXCELLENT addition! :tup:
  11. Or maybe something in cherry tart!!!
  12. i heart the peacock blue one sooo much!!!! :smile:
  13. beautiful colors and bags!!!
  14. These colors are so fun! Congrats, you've got a wonderful collection.

  15. ditto!:tup: