MP and Stella owners: which is best for everyday bag?

  1. I'm deciding between a black Stella and a black Multipocket (large). I've held both in the store, and both are beautiful. But I don't know which will be better in the long run for an everyday bag.

    Anyone that has one or both of these bags -- which is better for an everyday bag? I want something that will hold my wallet, checkbook, glasses, phone, iPod, emergency kit (yes, I carry one in my purse, I'm a nerd), lip stuff, and a water bottle. I don't usually carry anything too heavy, but if the bag itself is heavy, that may suck after a while.

    So any input is greatly appreciated. I'm looking to buy one used, so I have to kinda go with the flow and hope something shows up on eBay, but I want to be prepared when one does! :lol: So your input will help me choose which one to pursue.

  2. If you have the chance to get the Stella, definitely get the Stella! They are much harder to find! Especially in black. That is like the find of a lifetime. Both bags are great. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  3. lol MPJ, are you trying to start a bag war? These are both really popular styles and most girls are sided with one style.

    As for myself, I love the MP. I like the 1 strap hobo style, and it's a great size to carry all your essentials. I've seen Stellas before and IMO they are too big and flat for me, and double straps drive me nuts, esp when one slides off all the time.
  4. I'm stuck on the stella's side, but I use totes alot and the stella is very much a gorgeous tote to me. I've got the large MP and small MP, but I use stella just about every day
  5. Stella for sure!!!!
    If you like totes, go for Stella. If you prefer hobos, go for MP.
  6. Stella Stella Stella! No question, no doubt. To me, it's just a much sharper, classier looking bag. I love the MP, but it feels way more casual and not as interesting to me.
  7. Bag war!!! :yahoo:Does that men people will be throwing purses!!

    I'm going back and forth between the two...I just can't decide!! Maybe that means I need both. :yes:

    Keep the opinions coming, ladies!

  8. Another vote for the Stella - I like that it lies flat against the body. I feel that it makes it easier to carry.
  9. i vote for mp - i love the style and functionality!
  10. Definitely the Large Multipocket!! It always rests perfectly on your shoulder (even with bulky winter gear on). :smile:
  11. I would have to vote for the MP as an everyday bag. I liked my Stella a lot but I used it mostly for traveling. It could fit a blanket in there! But for my everyday needs, wallet, blackberry, makeup, etc....I use my MPs.
  12. I love the MP. It's just so everyday IMO.
  13. I vote for the Stella of course.
    I like that it has the option of being an open tote, or a top zip tote..

    I keep my ipod in one of the front pockets... eyedrops, sanitizer, lipgloss, etc etc in the other pushlock pocket, ... in the zip pocket i keep my cell, metrocad, pens... more lipgloss...

    Plus, the handles are flat and generally pretty comfortable on my shoulder.
  14. I just emailed my husband and told him I may be getting an MP instead...that I have to "revisit" Neimans to "test drive" them again. Poor guy! :lol:

    I'm just worried about the size of the Stella for everyday use...but I do love the look of it.

    Now I want both! You guys are total enablers.
  15. Multipocket, of course!! I love this bag, big enough and very comfortable to wear! And - ok, matter of taste - I like the design of the MP much more...