mozzarella's humble collection

  1. ok, this is my first time to put my bags on display, so be gentle. There is a bunch of stuff missing, like my MJ Ursula and some bags I never use and I didn't include small accessories.
  2. Fabulous the red Balenciaga!
  3. the chloe is very cute, i've been wanting one of those!

    love your collection
  4. Great pieces! I really like your Antigua tote!
  5. Love the antigua!!
  6. Nice what color is your Bbag?
  7. You have a lovely collection! I adore the Antigua tote, so cute!
  8. Great collection! I love the colour of the Balenciaga too!
  9. your balenciaga is so bright and vibrant!
  10. love your collection
  11. Great collection! Love all your pieces!
  12. I'm in mad love with your chloe clutch! Great collection, you have fantastic pieces!
  13. oh thanks! guys! :heart::heart::heart:

    Im not sure what colour my Balenciaga is, It's my only one and I get mixed up with all the shade, but it was bought in jan. this year and it's bright red, like this heart :heart:
  14. Lovely - love the Chloe clutch
  15. great items. congrats.